Pathetic Matrimonio by Ejblack Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Chapter

Liviana was ready to attend the dance given by the Marquesses of Williston. He just waited for his father, always trying to finish early because he didn’t want his father to hate him more for being late.

Come on,” his father said, walking past him. I don’t want any scandal on your part, so act like a woman should be,” he insisted on the train that would take them to the Williston residence.

Of course—that was all Liviana answered.

Arriving at the Williston residence, Liviana felt really nervous, she just moved to her father’s place, following her like a lamb, around her were only women from the highest society, beautiful and slender, the complete opposite of her, she felt out of place, everyone who looked at her didn’t pay any interest, as if they didn’t care about his presence. The last thing he had to do was sit in a corner like a vase and look at beautiful women, young and old, being asked to dance by handsome men. That’s not the idea I had about debuting in society, in its first season. As her nanny said, the young ladies who debuted had a dance in her name, that way everyone would know and respect her according to their social rank and the family she belonged to.

He looked for someone he knew but wasn’t there, and he remembered that the only person he knew from society was the duke of Agnes, who by the way, he had not seen.

Light dear, what are you doing in this corner? He jumped when he heard Lady Lilian’s voice, when did they arrive?

He had nothing more interesting to do. —Liviana replied even knowing that her words weren’t true.

Well, come with me, so I can introduce you to some of my friends. — The Duchess didn’t let Liviana speak and holding her hand pulled her into the small circle of women, introducing them to all of them, some treating her with sympathy and others just out of respect for the Duchess of Agnes.

Is it true that your son will be engaged to Lady Ashton? “Lady Lilian,” one of the women in the circle of conversation asked.

Lady Lilian didn’t like that comment, on the contrary, she didn’t want her son to marry that young lady, she didn’t see anything good in Lady Emma.

Of course not, my son will not be engaged to Lady Ashton, they are just good friends. – answer.

Liviana felt her heart calm after hearing the duchess’s words. The thought that she could lose Marcus without even trying to fight for him gave her a bitter taste. His eyes searched for the blue-eyed man who stole his sleep but he couldn’t find him in the room, and he was sure Marcus was there because he had seen him talking to one of his friends by the time he arrived. spent listening to the female speaker who was by his side.

He left the women talking about things that didn’t interest him at this point to go to the Williston gardens. He wanted to get some fresh air and at the same time get rid of women who only talked about gossip. But he didn’t rely on witnessing what his eyes saw, it couldn’t be true.

Close to the fountain located in the middle of the residence’s garden was Marcus, but the worst thing was seeing him kissing Lady Emma so passionately it made two big tears roll down his chubby cheeks. She wanted to avoid him but she couldn’t, seeing the man she loved kissing another woman was hurt. Not wanting to continue observing any further, he turned to enter the room again, at which point he wished he had never attended the dance. He looks at his father begging him to leave from there.

– You have realized? He turned to face Lady Aline, Marcus’ sister. Did you see with your own eyes that my brother would never pay attention to you?

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about,” Liviana replied.

—Of course you know, you’ve been in love with my sister ever since you met her, you’re too clumsy to hide your silly unrequited feelings. Marcus loves my friend, Lady Ashton. And with him she will marry.

Liviana is red, she can’t stop crying but she doesn’t want to

crying in front of Marcus’ cruel sister, so all he did was turn his back on her and go find his father.

Marcus couldn’t be happier, the woman he loves agrees to marry him, he can’t wait to make her his wife, Emma is perfect in his eyes. Something that his mother was constantly against, he knew that he had to be patient with his mother, because deep down he wanted his future wife and mother to get along.

— Do you think your mother will like the news? Mrs. Emma asked.

“You know I don’t, but I’m going to convince her to ask for your hand after the dance she’s giving next week,” Marcus replied, caressing Emma’s cheek. I can’t wait to make you my wife.

“I’m also looking forward to being your wife Marcus, I love you.” With that statement Marcus kissed her more passionately without knowing the pain poor Liviana had caused.

Lady Lilian looked at herself in her bedroom mirror thinking about what she had heard from some of the women at the Marquise’s ball, and she didn’t like that, she couldn’t let her son ask for her hand.

What do you think dear? asked her husband entering the room they both shared.

During today’s party, I heard a rumor that Marcus wanted to propose to Lady Ashton,” he replied.

And have you like this? You should be happy that our son wants to start a family early, so I can give him a title and rest.

Lady Lilian looked at her husband in disbelief, Alexander did not see the mistake his son would make if he married Lady Ashton.

Alexander, he cannot marry her, I know the girls in her class, she is not good to be Duchess of Agnes in future.

And why do you say that? Lilian fell silent hearing her husband’s question. I can’t answer that.

Let’s forget it, it’s just a rumor—Lillian replied—. Have you seen Lady Johnson? She is really beautiful, she is a real woman who deserves a good husband. Lilian smiled as she imagined her son’s union with her best friend’s dead daughter.

But the poor will not be so lucky, today spoke to Henry he told me that he must find a man who is interested in Liviana to marry her soon because he knows he will not find anything on his own.

What?! is henry crazy? She couldn’t curse her daughter in that way, she had enough to accept her own father’s hatred, which was unfair, Liviana couldn’t be blamed for Mary’s death.

I have told her several times, but she doesn’t seem to listen to me, she still clings to Maria’s memory, she thinks she can’t stand the sight of her daughter, it brings too many memories of Maria and to be honest, dear, Liviana is a living portrait of her mother when she that age.

Tell me, I remember when Mary and I met, her aunt sent her to my father so she could find a husband here in London, she was very shy and barely spoke, she had insecurities about her appearance, but she was very kind, subtle and part big beautiful. She fell in love with Henry but she couldn’t bring herself to say it out of fear. Lilian smiled remembering her youth with her best friend.

Henry fell in love as soon as he saw her, but he didn’t want to admit it, he was too proud to admit that he had fallen in love with Mary. Her husband laughed with her. And you, dear, are not far behind, I remember that I had to do everything for you to notice me.

I made you suffer a little, but deep down I like you, I just want you to fight to win my love.

And I did. I thank God for allowing me to be happy next to the woman I love. He gave her a passionate kiss to which Lilian responded with equal passion.

Liviana couldn’t stop crying in her nanny’s arms, the memory of Marcus kissing Lady Ashton still haunting her. And even more so his sister’s words:

“They are getting married”

“This is my girl, what would I give to see you happy and not crying like you,” said Mrs. parker.

“But it hurts,” she sobbed helplessly. And I love her with all my heart nana.

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