Parents Nekad Suing Son -In -Law For RM2.8 Million, For A Period Of One Year For Grandchildren

In India recently, there was an uproar with a news about parents wanting to sue their own children and son-in-law for wanting too much grandchildren right away.

What makes it even more noticeable is that the total suit to be filed is RM2.8 million as ‘compensation’.

According to a Gulf News report, Sanjeev and his wife will claim a large amount of compensation to his son and daughter -in -law if they are unable to have children within a year.

It is understood that the couple had sent their son to the US using their savings so that his son could become a pilot. However, something else happened when he returned to India because his son was unemployed after that.

Not only that, they also spent a large amount of money to hold the wedding day of their children and son -in -law at a five -star luxury hotel and gifted a luxury car worth US $ 80,000 (RM351,000) along with a honeymoon trip abroad.

My son has been married for six years, however, they still have no plans to have children. At least, if we had grandchildren, all our pain would be bearable.

Sanjeev and Sandhana will withdraw the suit if their son and daughter -in -law can give them grandchildren within a year.

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