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When you graduate from school or college, apart from starting a business, looking for a job is one of the most popular choices. Therefore, information on the amount of the minimum wage in a place or a prospective job site is the target of job seekers. We will thoroughly explore how much The latest feed in Palembang salary in 2021.

Palembang UMP salary for the last 5 years

Year UMP Salary
2021 3.725.000
2020 3.630.000
2019 3.400.000
2018 3.230.000
2017 3.200.000

Term UMP Salary in Palembang

what is the paycheck? UMP stands for Provincial Minimum Wage, where the meaning of UMP is the minimum wage that applies throughout the province.

Salary Differences UMR UMP UMK

Starting from a ministerial decree, the Level I UMR was changed to the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP).

Meanwhile, the Level II UMR was changed to the Regency/City Minimum Wage (UMK). UMK stands for minimum wage standards that apply in all districts or cities.

Next, who is the policy maker for setting wages? In fact, both the UMK and the UMP are still equally decided by the governor. However, for the determination of the UMK, the head of the local area, namely the regent or mayor, has the authority to propose a minimum payment amount to the governor.

Meanwhile, for districts or cities that do not propose the amount of the UMK, it will follow the amount of the UMP applicable in the province for the provision of wages for workers and employees at that location.

The Biggest UMP Salary in Indonesia

DKI Jakarta is known to have the largest nominal UMP in Indonesia, which is Rp. 4,276,349.

Lowest UMP Salary in Indonesia

It is known, the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) is recorded to have a 2020 UMP of IDR 1,704,608. Currently, DIY has not confirmed the amount of the 2021 UMP.

Ump That Basic Salary or Take Home Pay?

The principle of calculating Take Home Pay (THP) is the sum of the total pay taken home by workers in a company. The formula for calculating take home pay departs from the understanding of the payment itself.

Previously, it was necessary to specifically identify the wage component. Based on Government Regulation Number 78 of 2015 concerning Wages (“PP Pengupahan”) which regulates the minimum wage and consists of:

  1. Pay without allowances;
  2. Principal payments and fixed allowances; or
  3. Basic wages, fixed allowances, and variable allowances.

Referring to the insight above, it is very possible if the amount of wages, UMP, and take home pay, received by workers/labourers varies according to their respective provisions. Basically, wages should not be lower than the UMP set by the local provincial government. Pay is also tied to the structure and scale of wages the company is supposed to create. Meanwhile, the discount on take home pay really depends on the current regulations and the Collective Labor Agreement (PKB).

Government Regulations About UMR Salaries

The term UMR (Regional Minimum Wage) is now replaced by the Provincial Minimum Wage or UMP in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No. Kep-226/Men/2000 concerning Amendments to Article 1, Article 3, Article 4, Article 8, Article 11, Article 20 and Article 21 of the Order of the Minister of Manpower No. Per-01/Men/1999 {regarding|regarding|regarding the Minimum Wage (“Kepmenakertrans 226/2000”). Article I Kepmenakertrans 226/2000 states:

“The term ‘Regional Minimum Wage Level I (UMR Tk I)’ was changed to ‘Provincial Minimum Wage’.

The term ‘Regional Minimum Wage Level II (UMR Tk II)’ was changed to ‘Regency/City Minimum Wage’…”

Meanwhile, based on Article 89 of Law no. 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower, the minimum wage is set annually as a safety net to produce a decent life for all levels of society, especially the Indonesian workforce, with consideration from the Governor and Regent/Mayor, along with the Provincial Wage Council.

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