PAI Questions for Grade 6 Elementary School and the Answers 2022

PRICEBELANJA.COM – The practice of PAI questions for grade 6 SD is quite important for you to get high scores. The more often you study, the more effective it will be to increase your knowledge so that it becomes wider. That way, the questions that you will encounter in the future will look easier.

Islamic religious education is one of the most difficult subjects. If you often read the material, it is not difficult to do it. In addition, you can practice by answering the questions.

PAI Questions for Grade 6 SD

1. Consider the following statement.

1). Islam is a religion that dissolves the religion that was brought 2). the prophets before the prophet muhammad
3). Order to expel people who don’t want to believe in God
4). Allah accepts that Muslim taxes are collected locally
6). Islam is the only religion that is blessed by Allah
7). Signs of the Prophet Muhammad

Statements about QS. Al Maidah verse 3 is.

1, 2, 3
b. 1, 4, 5
c. 3, 4, 5
d. 2, 3, 4

Answer: d

2. The following behavior is consistent with QA. AI Hujurat verse 13 is.

a. Group opinion is the most correct
b. Other unbelieving Muslims disagree with him
c. respect other Muslim groups with different opinions
d. look for the weaknesses and weaknesses of other Muslims

Answer: c

3. The word which means nation state is the goal of creating tribal society and nation state according to QS. Al Hujurat verse 13 is.

a. so they are competent with each other
b. that’s how they get to know each other
c. So they fight for power
d. so they control each other


4. The highest rank among humans according to QS. Al Hujurat verse 13 is.

a. the person with the greatest responsibility
b. the hardest person to work in worship
c. the most pious person
d. the most sadaqah

Answer: c

5. What is meant by the pronunciation of yauma in QA. Al Maidah verse 3 is.

a. Allah perfects the teachings of Islam
b. The Hajj of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
c. the day Abu Bakr was appointed caliph
d. the day of the death of the prophet muhammad saw

Answer: a

6. Among the causes of writing the name of Surah Al Hujurat are.

a. Hajj pilgrimage orders
b. Prophet’s success. and his companions entered the city of Mecca
c. the companions of the prophet. who called him from outside the house
d. a friend who met the Prophet. polite at home

Answer: c

7. The general and general provisions of Allah are mentioned.

in. amount
b. faith
c. qadha
d. luck

Answer: c

8. Our attitude towards destiny is.

a. give up on the situation
b. try hard
c. surrender
d. keep praying that God will answer

Answer: b

9. Below is an example of Qadha.

a. People will die of disease
b. Snails die in salt water
c. Every living thing must die
d. deer die during the day

Answer: c

10. The following are the causes of the failure of human life, except.

a. pessimistic
b. optimistic
c. being lazy
d. give up on the situation

Answer: b

6th Elementary School PAI Questions and Answers


1. Towards the end of the last days, Prophet Isa (as) descended to earth for.

a. help the Dajal
b. Helping Ya’ju and Magog
c. build churches
d. enforce the Shari’ah

Answer: d

2. The emergence of the Musaimah Al Kadzab movement on a large scale, occurred during the reign of Khulafaur Rashidin, the Caliph….

in. Abu Bakr Ash Siddiq
b. Ali bin Abi Talib
c. Umar bin Khattab
d. Uthman bin Affan

Answer: a

3. Musaimah Al Kadzab is a false prophet who came from the Bani….

a. Tamim
b. Hanifah
c. asad
d. Ghassah

Answer: b

4. In a hadith it is stated that one must stay away from envy. For envy devours all virtues as fire devours…

a. firewood
b. paper
c. house
d. dry grass

Answer: a

5. The following is the number of Tarawih prayers exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Friends or Salafussalih, unless….

a.8 trucks
b. 16 rakat
c. 20 rakat
d. 36 rakat

Answer: b

6. The correct definition of the tarawih prayer is….

a. night prayer that is done in the month of Ramadan
b. night prayer that is done after waking up
c. Sunnah prayers that are done before going to bed
d. Sunnah prayers that are performed after the obligatory prayers

Answer: a

7. Reading and studying the Qur’an either individually or in groups is called ….

a. tadarrus
b. i’tikaf
c. tarawih
d. infaq

Answer: a

8. The tarawih prayer of 36 cycles is carried out by the Caliph….

a. Umar bin Khattab
b. Ali bin Abi Talib
c. Umar bin Abdul Aziz
d. Abu Bakr Assidiq

Answer: c

9. Prayer which is the closing of the night is known as Prayer….

a. Tahajud
b. wish
c. Tarawh
d. Withdrawal

Answer: d

10. Tadarus al-Qur’an we must get used to not only in the month of Ramadan, but also in other months. Tadarus literally means….

a. learn
b. transport
c. memorize
d. doing

Answer: a

Those are some examples of PAI practice questions for 6th grade complete with answers. Study well so you can do the questions easily.

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