Over 60 years of independence, Malay politics is getting weaker

BANGI, 13 Syawal 1443H, Saturday – Malaysia needs comprehensive changes involving the entire existing system including political, economic and social.

Kelantan ISMA Liaison Chief, Ustaz Sharipudin Abdul Kadir said, the same failure will be repeated and end in collapse if the country still rotates with the same system despite the change of government and leadership.

“Just look at politics, after 60 years of independence, Malay politics as a pillar of the country is getting weaker despite being ruled by Malay parties for so long.

“Similarly in the economy, the Malay economic achievement has never exceeded 20 percent despite being ruled by Malay parties and is even declining,” he said in a statement.

Even more disappointing, despite the many cries, slogans and policies that have been announced, history proves that the politics, economy and society of the Malay race are declining even after more than 60 years of independence.

“The rays have not been seen, what is happening is an endless power struggle of political turmoil. The people who are the victims of the greed of politicians are fighting for power and rank, ”he said.

Therefore, he did not rule out the possibility of the Prime Minister’s Debate between former Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim recently was just a sweetener and talkative to win votes during the election.

“The important thing is that forensic audits need to be made safe.

“Those who are guilty need to be punished. Not just save without making any thorough investigation of the management corruption that took place, ”he said.

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