Ornamental leaf plants that make your home more lively

Types of ornamental leafy plants – Interested in decorating your home with leafy houseplants but not sure where to start? do not worry. This article will discuss some types of plants that you can use as inspiration.

Unlike flowering ornamental plants whose beauty can be enjoyed through the appearance of flowers, the beauty element of this ornamental plant can be seen from the leaves.

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Most people use this ornamental plant to beautify the appearance of the house because of its characteristics and appearance that is suitable for storing indoors.

One advantage of choosing ornamental leaf plants is that they are easy to maintain, especially if they are kept indoors.

1. Supplement

This plant is able to make the room atmosphere more fresh due to its beautiful appearance. While it may look pleasing to the eye, this plant is very difficult to care for. Because the resource needs a slightly moist and clean environment to grow well.

2. deer antlers

This plant is an ornamental plant that can be found growing wild throughout the tropics. Damaged horn plants are also known as Simbar Menjangan.

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Plants that can be attached to trees or hung on the wall should be stored in a shaded place or not directly exposed to sunlight.

3. The tongue of the in-laws

Their tall form and description as gossip mothers is one of the reasons for choosing the name of this ornamental plant. Plants with a sufficiently high price are widely sought after by lovers of ornamental plants due to their unique shape. This unique type of plant makes the mother-in-law’s tongue a very expensive ornamental plant.

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4. Elephant ears

You may already be familiar with this one plant. One of the reasons this ornamental plant has so many fans is its unique appearance and ease of maintenance.

5. Purification

Factories that have a relatively high selling value are generally found in luxury residences. The most common types of croton plants that are in high demand by some people are:

  • red aple
  • Oscar
  • The king of copper earrings
  • Metal
  • Boring Arjuna
  • kaffir lime plant, and
  • Boring Cura

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6. Red Star Turn

Redstar Taro is one of the plants that is famous for the beauty of its veins resembling bright red stars. For this ornamental plant, you should store it in a place exposed to sunlight until it grows well.

7. Sri Fortune (Aglaonema)

This popular ornamental plant is very easy to grow and does not require intensive care. However, this aglonema plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight and should be stored in a somewhat humid place.

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8. Juniper

This kadaka or bird’s nest has thick leaves and you can find it in the forest. In the past, this plant was considered worthless because it was often considered a pest, but now this plant is in demand in the market due to its unique appearance. The most common types of ornamental plants are as follows:

  • kadaka curly
  • Type kadaka osaka and
  • Ular Kadaka.

9. Spider Factory

For those of you with limited land space, this small-leaved ornamental plant is perfect for decorating a room in the house due to its compact size. This native African spider plant is very easy to keep and can beautify the look of a room with unique leaf shapes.

10. Ivory Bethel

Betel Ivory is another leafy houseplant that you can consider as well. These vines make this ivory betel very convenient for you to stick to the wall or as a hanging plant. The room will feel fresh with the presence of ivory betel.

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11. Laila Paris

Need a friendly little plant for a limited room? Lili Paris is the best choice for this kind of situation. In addition to storing them in a garden or flower pot, Paris Lilies are also suitable for hanging plants.

Moreover, the maintenance of this plant is very easy and you can keep it either indoors or outdoors.

12. Monstera

Who is a fan of ornamental plants who does not know this plant? Monstera has a unique leaf shape and is a beautiful houseplant that should decorate your home. Monstera plants are perfect for a minimalist design house.

13. Love Wave

As the name implies, this ornamental plant has distinctive wavy leaves. This plant is perfect for decorating the corners of the house.

14. Calathea Black Lipstick

Ornamental planting of calathea leaves red lipstick. Calathea black lipstick looks elegant in a unique combination of colors, that is, purple and black.

Meranti plants are only suitable for homes because they do not tolerate direct sunlight. Are you interested in combining it with home furnishings?

15. Red Bud

Similar to its name, this plant has red leaves on its shoots. Because it can thrive, this plant is usually used as garden beds.

16. Purity of leaves

Tired of the green tones of plants? Just choose that one plant! Because this plant has other colors such as yellow and red. However, it is suitable for those of you who like plants with wonderful colors.

Well, these are some types of ornamental foliage plants that you should know about. We hope that this article will be useful to those who read it and enjoy ornamental plants.

How many types of ornamental plants do you have at home? Interested in adding a group? If so, red-leafed ornamental plants can be an option. Red ornamental plants can be the right choice, because this type of ornamental plant is known to be grown in the yard or placed in the room. “Live” leaves can make the atmosphere of the house brighter.

Not only that, but the color of the red leaves is also very diverse. Ranging from burgundy, maroon, pink, dark red and more. Well, if you are interested in learning more about this ornamental plant, then look forward to the following article which will discuss the types of red-leafed ornamental plants that you can make as home ornaments to make them look more beautiful than usual.

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