Original Tiktok WA Bonge Sudirman Number (Real)

Nomor WA Bonge Tiktok It has become very popular in recent days because many want to know more about Bonge tiktok which is currently spreading in cyberspace.

Here is a review of the original bonge whatsapp number that can be contacted for certain purposes or perhaps for cooperation purposes.

Do you know who Bonge Tiktok is?

Bonge is an acronym that comes from Bojonggede or if it is abbreviated as bonge. Bonge is a slang boy from Bojonggede who now hangs out in the Sudirman district.

Bonge himself went viral because he had an affair with dates that eventually went viral on tiktok to this day.

Bonge spread with other friends in Sudirman area like Jeje Slebew and also Roy Citayam Fashion Week.

It quickly spread due to the drama that took place between Sudirman’s hangouts, from love stories, to love triangles that took place in the area.

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What is Bonge’s real name?

Bonge’s real name is Eka Satria Saputra and bonge is his viral nickname meaning Bugonged.

Who is Bong’s current girlfriend?

Bonge’s current boyfriend is known to be Korma, one of the kids who spends a lot of time in Sudirman. The love story begins when Bonge invites an acquaintance so that they eventually like them and establish a relationship.

WA Bonge (Eka Satria Saputra) number

Bonge is a celebrity who is currently being searched for by creators, he is known from his Instagram account, Bonge’s WA number is 08888568830.

To make an agreement or certification and also a PP, please call the number.

Bonge’s full biography

Full name: Eka Satria Saputra

nickname: Mass

Place and date of birth: Bojong Gede, West Java 2005

religion : Islam

a job: Busker, Creator


tik tok: @bonge_07

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How to invite Bonge

It is very easy to invite bonge, for different purposes like colab, pp, authentication or create content with bonge. You just need to call 08888568830 to confirm with Bonge.

Why can Bonge spread?

Initially, bonge content became viral when creating content with dates in Dufan and after the video its name still stands today.

His name became popular when he spent a lot of time in Sudirman district of Jakarta.

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