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Only Connect Season 18 Episode 5: Release Date & Streaming Guide

There is excitement among fans for the next Only Connect episode. This will be Only Connect Season 18 Episode 5. After running for more than eighteen seasons, fans have the opportunity to explore tons of new topics and themes in a fun way that forces them to think about how different and how many things can be connected. They were excited to see what else this show had to offer as it was a unique quiz reality show. The basics of Only Connect is that it’s a show where contestants compete to identify relationships between seemingly random things.

Contestants are often passionate team members or ‘nerds’ about a particular topic. This is a quiz reality show that is intentionally made to be difficult for the participants. It has about four rounds, with the difficulty of the questions increasing with each round. The show first aired on 15 September 2008 on BBC Four. After a few moves, it finally made its way to BBC Two on September 1, 2014. Fans were also very dedicated to Victoria Coren Mitchell’s sarcastic and dry presentation, which made the show even more entertaining. Now let’s take a look at Episode 5 Season 18.

Only Connect Season 18 starts airing on August 29, 2023. The last episode is Episode 4 which will air on September 20, 2022. The episode is titled “Cryptics vs Strigiformes”. It was a fight between three puzzle fans and three adult students. The episode centers around them trying to identify the relationship between two Inns of Court, five snooker balls, and Benny Andersson. If you haven’t been following the episode, we highly recommend that you go and watch it. Now let’s see what we know about Only Connect Season 18 Episode 5.

Only Connect Season 18 Episode 5: Preview

Not much is known about Only Connect Season 18 Episode 5. The showrunners are very interested in trying to avoid spoilers. The episode is titled “Sneaky Planner vs Seagull”. The team will consist of three teachers from Brighton and three Blackadder addicts.

If you want to get ready for the core questions of the next episode, here’s a small snippet we have. The team will be asked to identify what happened next in the following order: Flowers, Moores, and Bayliss. Are you smart enough to think of the answer? Let us know in the comments section!

Just Connect Season 18 Episode 5

Fans are speculating that this episode will be interesting, as the series in this season follows a modified 16-team double elimination with a third-place round as happened in previous seasons. So who do you think will win this episode and move forward? The Planner or the Cunning Seagull?

While there is a lot of preparation one can make to do well in a normal quiz, this is not the case with the types of tournaments that Only Connect holds. Not only do you need book intelligence, but you also need street intelligence to know when and where to apply book intelligence. Fans are itching with excitement for the next episode.

Only Connect Season 18 Episode 5: Recap

In the previous episode of Only Connect, Episode 4 Season 18, the contest followed two teams of Cryptics and Strigiformes. The Cryptics consists of Jade Harvey, Molly O’Gorman, and Padraig Sheehy, led by Molly. Strigiformes is led by Jonathan Williams and consists of Johnathan Taylor and Joshua Mutio.

Although the Strigiformes performed very well in the last round, The Missing Vowel Round, they still lost to the Cryptics, who collected 18 points. The episode had fans on the edge of their seats, hastily trying to identify the different bear sounds on different TV shows.

Just Connect Season 18 Episode 5

Just Connect Season 18 Episode 5

Only Connect Season 18 Episode 5: Release Date

So when will Only Connect Season 18 Episode 5 be released? It will come out on 26 September 2022.

Only Connect Season 18 Episode 5: How To Watch

It will be available for streaming on BBC iPlayer, which in turn requires an Amazon Prime subscription. It’s also available by country on Sky Go. Go and watch it now. Keep an eye on this website for more news to stay up to date!


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