Online Communication Is Differentiated Into Two That Is?

Online Communication Is Differentiated Into Two That Is? – Humans are social creatures, instinctive social beings who communicate with one another. No one can live without communication. In addition to technological developments, this form of communication is more demanding. Well, now is the era of online communication (in the network). The initials of communication that are affordable in their own environment, the scope of everyone’s communication margin is wider. What opportunities open to new sources of information.

Understanding Online Communication

Online communication is a way to communicate where sending and receiving messages is done through the internet network. Online stands for in the network. Communication that takes place in the wrong world is often referred to as communication by cyberspace or cyberspace.

Benefits of Online Communication

The benefits of online communication are:

  • Be a means of communication.
  • Become e-commerce or online commerce.
  • Become an e-learning or online learning tool.
  • Become an e-banking or online banking tool.
  • Become a research tool.
  • Make students and teachers interact and communicate.
  • Access information located in remote locations.
  • Become an interactive entertainment medium.

The Purpose of Online Communication

Online communication is a way to communicate where sending and receiving messages is done over the Internet network. What is basically the goal is to find something. Maybe it has become a daily habit of being confused or not knowing how to do something. So we immediately grabbed a smartphone to find the answer. Of course, with communication via online connection, of course is a goal. Both are checked with respect to the user as well as the media or tools used.

The following are the goals of online communication:

  • Messages are sent quickly, even in real time.
  • Time becomes effective and efficient.
  • Save the personal costs that can be reduced to communicate with people who are far away through online media.
  • Easier data management.
  • Can control remote or team work control data.
  • Increased communication intensity.
  • Add insight and knowledge about the latest events.

Types of Online Communication

Based on the delivery method, online communication can be divided into two types, namely Synchronous (Concurrent) Online Communication and Asynchronous (Asynchronous) Online Communication. The following is an explanation of online communication by type:

Synchronous Online Communication (Concurrent)

Synchronous online communication is a type of communication that uses a computer as a medium that is carried out at the same time, real time (real time). Here are some examples of synchronous online communication:

Video Chat is a type of technology that is used to interact audio and video in real time between users in different locations. Video chat can be done point-to-point (one corresponds to one), e.g. As Skype or Multipoint (one to many / lot to many) interactions like Google+ Hangouts.

TextChat is an application program on the internet network to communicate directly and make other internet users who are online.

Asynchronous (Asynchronous) Online Communication

This is a kind of communication using a computer or other device that has been “suspended”. Examples of online communication Asynchronous Communication Forums, E-Mail, Visual Simulation Recordings and Reading and Writing Online Documents About the World Wide Web.

Online Communication Supporting Components

The following are the components that must be available before communication on the network:

Hardware Components (Hardware)

Hardware or hardware is a device whose shape can be seen directly or touched. Examples of hardware (hardware) that must be met for online communication are computers, headsets, microphones, and internet connection support.

Software components (software)

Software is a computer design used to perform a desired job. Software is needed as a way between the senses (brainware) and hardware (hardware). The software programs (software) used for online communication are Sky, Google + Hangout, WebConference etc.

Components of the Device of Reason or Reason (Brainware)

What is contained in the meaning or component that makes sense (Brainwere) is human. People are involved in using and setting up hardware and software to carry out online communications.

Online Communication Function

The functions of online communication are as follows:

  • Information Online communications are used as messages for ordering messages and information for information for information.
  • Check, online communication is to control and regulate information as a single authority or group.
  • Motivation, online communication can accelerate the work and enthusiasm of an employee in his work.
  • Emotional expression, online communication can be singular or group nuances.
  • Time saver, online communication can be efficient and save time.
  • Cost-saving, relatively favorable internet quota prices can support online communication.
  • Can be done anywhere, online communication can be done anywhere, at home, at the hotel, at the office, in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, etc.
  • Technology, online communication comes from education science, which is then used as research material.
  • The intensity of communication that leads to simple communication results with the intensity of communication increasing indefinitely.
  • Participation, online communication causes an increase in participants in the sense of adding individuals or groups in the communication process.
  • Information, information running on the network can be carried out completely and accurately as possible.
  • Control, the communication process can be monitored by the Minister of Communications as the supervisory body for domestic communications.
  • Encouragement, for example, a writer who is interested in writing a useful letter because it is easy to access communication.
  • As a distributor of ideas, fonts on the Internet can be a source of ideas for individuals who read them.
  • Sociality, for example Facebook as a medium of social communication that can help us carry out social activities.
  • The online function for the state, online communication helps the government to provide information to the public.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Communication

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of communicating online, namely:

  • Advantages of online communication

Excessive online communication consists of:

  • Cost efficiency, this message should not be provided by face-to-face direct online communication, can save transportation costs.
  • Time efficiency, this communication can be done quickly without wasting time with travel.
  • Integrated into other information and communication technologies (ICT). In addition to the passage of network communications, there may be other ICT services to support the implementation and completeness of communications.
  • Increasing the intensity of communication on the internet network will forcibly bring it, which is used to be silent in the real world to communicate actively in cyberspace.
  • Increased participation by opening lines of communication, the more people participate in the discussion.

  • Disadvantages of Online Communication

Disadvantages of Online Communication include:

  • Requires a special device. To execute the communication required software and hardware.
  • Does not represent the user’s emotions. In body movement communication, expressions and intonation opinions are relatively difficult to understand.
  • A lot of information is not important, often the information obtained is too much and makes the recipient confused.
  • Concentration of confiscation, continuous communication in the network is not available, and the right time can ignore or delay something else, others or even harm themselves.

Example of Online Communication

Below are some examples of online communication, namely:

  • Text chat and video call via Line.
  • Video calls via Zoom.
  • TextChat and video calls via WhatsApp.
  • Video calls on Skype.
  • Text chat via Facebook.
  • Textchat by messenger.
  • Video calling with Google + Hangout.

So a little discussion about online communication is divided into two, namely? Hopefully this discussion can add insight and knowledge for all of us, and we thank you for listening to our review. If you find our review useful, please share it

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