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OG WhatsApp Apk, a beautification app for WA

OG WhatsApp Apk, Application To Beautify Your WA – Download the latest OG WA app for free, anti-ban and many theme options.

Are you bored with the look of WhatsApp that looks monotonous and that’s it? Or you want some unique new features to use on WhatsApp? If so, using the WhatsApp mod is an alternative worth trying.

GB Whatsapp development is very popular today because of the superior features provided by the developer, now the development of GB Whatsapp which was previously called OG WhatsApp

If we ask what is the difference? What are the benefits of OG WhatsApp? And what features does OG WhatsApp promise? In this article we will try to discuss it in detail.

The development of GB Whatsapp app is very popular today because of the superior features it offers. Now the development of GB Whatsapp has changed its name to OG WhatsApp, you know, a friend.

If you ask what are the differences and advantages of OGWhatsApp compared to other versions of WhatsApp Mod? In this article, we will discuss it in detail for all of you.

Nach, among the many existing WhatsApp mods, OG WhatsApp is one of the best choices that can be made. Want to know more about OG WA and what this model can bring? Read the information about OG WA below.

Explanation about OG WhatsApp

OGWhatsApp is a Mod version of WhatsApp that offers many interesting features with a very light file size. OG WA app developer also added advanced features for your WhatsApp account privacy and security.

In fact, this OG WA feature is related to privacy. So you can set who can see your chats, status, and profile pictures on WA. This feature can give you an edge when using OG WA.

Not only that, OG WA developer also adds cool and latest features to the app. Some of these are new features, such as hiding your online status even if you are online.

Another interesting aspect of this app is that you can use two apps on your WhatsApp account in just one phone. If you are interested in the other features, we will give you a full review below.

The OG WA feature is closely related to user privacy such as the ability to manage who can see your chat, status, profile pictures, and much more. Perhaps this feature will make some users interested in using OG WA.

Not only that, this WA mod developer has added some great features to the latest version of OG WA. Some of the new features include hiding online status and still showing chats that have been deleted by the sender.

The interesting thing about OG WA that you may not get in other WA mods is that it can be used with other WA mods. Then you can use two WhatsApp account apps on your phone at the same time.

Download OG WhatsApp Apk

You can read the details and details of this mod version of the app in the information column below. If you are sure that you want to download the latest OGWhatsApp 2022, please see the full information below:

App name OGWhatsApp
new copy Version 16.30.0
Number of active users 3.000.000+
APK size 56 MB
The operating system Android 5.0+

If you are sure you want to download it, click here to get this app for free without paying for it.

How to install

If you downloaded the OG WA APK file from the link above, it is important to do so after installing the application. No, since the app is not from the Google Play Store, you need to follow some of the steps below.

  • If the OG WA APK file is downloaded successfully, you will not be allowed to open the APK file directly.
  • The first thing to do is open the Settings app menu on your phone.
  • Then scroll down and open the Security menu.
  • In the list, you will find a menu or an option that says “Unknown sources” or “Unknown sources”.
  • Next method you can click on the small box next to the option. If there is a check mark,
  • So the option has been successfully activated.
  • Then open the download folder or the folder where you put the previously downloaded OG WA APK file.
  • Click to open the OG WA APK file and hit the install button.
  • Follow all instructions and manual of the mechanism to start the application installation process.
  • Finally, you have to wait for the OG WA mod app to finish.
  • Nach, now OG WA is ready to use and all the features in it.

Features and WhatsApp

In the Mod version of the app, there are definitely some exclusive features compared to the official version. Also try out the features that OGWA has. Well, here is a list of some of the features that this great app has.

Message table

If you want to send a specific message but are afraid to forget it, don’t get confused now because OG WA has features that can help you deal with it. In this application, you can schedule the WhatsApp messages you want to send.

Later, the message will be sent automatically according to the requested schedule. Well, you can set the message you want to send, the contact you want to go to and the time to send the message.

OG WA takes care of everything so it can be controlled automatically. But you need to understand if the message was sent when your phone is online.

Download Friends WA Status

When you check the WhatsApp status of a friend you like and want to copy with this OGWhatsApp, you can now save and recreate the status in your WA.

OG WA has a feature whose function is to copy the status of a friend. You can later copy the status and send it to someone else or save it. Even to share with other apps.

Anti-delete messages

We all know that WhatsApp has features that play a role in recovering messages. So if the person who sent the message checks out the message, you can’t receive the message and of course it sparks your curiosity, right?

With this OGWhatsApp, you can now view the messages retrieved by the sender. You don’t have to worry about being curious about deleted messages.

Hide online status

If you want to hide your online status while chatting with your friends, girlfriend or anyone else. You can hide your online status even if you are actively using WhatsApp.

Of course, hiding your online status will prevent you from replying to WhatsApp from someone you may not like. With WhatsApp Doraemon, you can easily use this feature.


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