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Raia is one of those who have staked their future in New York, the big apple city. It’s like a heart rush to get out of a deadlock, an inspiration after being divorced for several months.

Not yet filled his laptop with drafts containing writing until he decided to fly to New York. He hoped to find a commensurate inspiration to create a new work in two months in New York.

After all, Raina is still trapped in the toughest situation by writers like writer’s block. Until now, he met River, a man who was very quiet and didn’t say much.

Which is always struggling with a picture book and the two decided to tour New York City. Together with Raia, who is looking for inspiration for his writing, River is also looking for inspiration for his drawing.

The story of Raia and the river in New York City

The activity also became a pattern of their daily life, that’s where a raia learned to make. Seeing the city from a different side every place from the contents of the building to the outbuildings.

Those who have a story, whether it’s a pleasant story or a sad story, the same goes for humans. “Every person has at least one secret that will break your heart” they also have their own story.

They have their own past, Raia is constrained by her divorce with what river used to be. It has happened in the past, can raina and rever come out of the shadows of their past?

Follow the story of the two of them in the novel entitled the architecture of love

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