Not only did we send our children to daycare, we also sent them to a second home

I cried when I left nursery school. And no, I don’t mean I cried when I drove them off to work. I cried when my kids no longer needed daycare, and I had to leave itThis woman who not only loved my children as much as her own, but guided me through the early years of motherhood.

She was much more than my nanny. I’ve known motherhood with her only for the past ten years. I don’t know that every woman chooses to share her children or motherhood journey with another woman, but I can’t imagine my life without her.

She loves my children like her own.

They look forward to their time with her. It is important in their childhood. They loved and learned with her.

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For me, when I’m having a hard time working or being unsure, it’s been such a powerful voice of thought and a reassuring voice that I’m just fine when I doubt myself. She was the one who taught me that I don’t need to do motherhood on my own. She let me know that it’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay not to be perfect. This motherhood thing is hard on all of us. Although she and I didn’t do motherhood the same way or even at the same timeWhere parenting has changed so much from decade to decadeShe seems to understand me in a way that few do.

As a working mother, one of the biggest challenges is finding a replacement while you work, and accepting that someone will take your place while you work for more than half of your child’s typical five-day waking hours. week.

Not just any woman would, too, in being else The women in my children’s lives. I carefully cared about choosing her to be the person to share with my children every day in these precious little years of their lives.

And if I had to choose again, I would choose it to share my kids with over and over again.

Now 12 years later, my three children will be in school and this woman who has become a part of our everyday family will not be there to greet us to start or end our day. I mourn the loss of this change more than my children. All young mothers should be older and wiser and have women in their corner.

Not only have we sent our kids to preschool for the past 12 years, we’ve sent them to a second home. We found peopleWomen and men in their livesWho loved our children like their children.

I’ve been a full time working mom all my kids’ lives, and believe me, I’ve heard the whole “Why do you have kids for someone else to be with them all day?” or “I can never leave my baby all day every day with someone else,” and every other working mom gets dumped our way.

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But if there’s anything the year of the pandemic has strengthened for me, it’s that I’ve done the right thing for me and my children over the past 12 years. I wouldn’t be a very good stay-at-home mom, but I also knew from the start that I didn’t want to leave my kids anywhere with anyone. I took care of my children, taught my children, and loved my children.

As a woman who has raised her own children, she has become a valuable teacher of motherhood for me.

As working moms, we often question our choice, but I’ve always known that my kids are in the best possible hands they can be.

Being a working mom won’t spoil their childhood; In fact, the past 12 years have given them something they will treasure forever since their childhoodLove and memories with the ones I love.

Angela Williams Glenn

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