Nonton Film Love For Sale 2 Full Movie Sub English

Droid-roms – Nonton Film Love For Sale Full Movie Sub English – Trans7 shows selected Indonesian films over the weekend. The TV series Love For Sale 2 airs on Tuesday morning (October 8). The love story of Richard (Gading Marten) was hanged by Arini (Della Dartyan) at Love For Sale. The name Love For Sale 2 Gading Marten will disappear and Arini will accompany another man. who’s he?

This sequel follows the continuation of the story of Arini (De La Datien) who left Richard at the end of the first film. He also met a man named Indra Tauhid alias Ican (Adipati Dolken). So curious, how about the continuation of the story? let’s see the synopsis that mimin will share with you all below.

Sinopsis Film Love For Sale 2

Nonton Film Love For Sale 2 Full Movie Sub English

The first Love Sale tells the story of Richard Ahmed (Gading Marten), who has been living alone for too long without a life partner. He runs a printing press on the first floor of his house. One day, a friend of his received a wedding invitation.

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While meeting other friends, Richard faces the challenge of finding a partner for the invitation. Richard didn’t know who to invite. He ended up using a girlfriend rental app called to meet the challenge.

Finally, the event was safe after the application manager sent Arini Kusuma (Della Dartyan) to accompany Richard. In fact, not only did she manage to pass the challenge, Arini’s appearance and communication skills were also very satisfying and convincing.

In fact, Richard only wanted to use Arini’s services to send out invitations. However, Arini asked Richard to use his services for 30 days based on the agreement. If Arini is sent home before his contract expires, he will get in trouble, or even be fired.

Since then, the once professional relationship slowly began to change. If in the first “Love for Sale” there were only Arini and Richard as service users, in the second film, Arini’s relationship is more complicated. In Love for Sale 2, Arini’s service user is Ican (Adipati Dolken), an office worker. Ican’s mother, Ros (Ratna Riantiarno), always urges Ican to get married when he grows up.

Love For Sale 2 Movie Player

Fun game, isn’t it a continuation of the story from the synopsis of love for sale 2? Of course, dong!!!, as for the list of players from the love for sale movie that you should know of course, here Mimin will share a list of players from the love for sale 2 movie below:

  • Of Dartyan
  • Ivory Marten
  • Duke of Dolken
  • Mabelista Bisset
  • Sabrina Rochelle Kalangie
  • Ariyo Wahab
  • Albert Halim
  • Ratna Riantiarno
  • Torro Margins
  • Bastian Steel
  • Dayu Wijanto
  • Rukman Rosadi
  • Adriano Qalbi
  • Princess Ayudya
  • Natalius Chendana
  • Pearl Vanda
  • Taskya Nameya
  • Rizky Mocil
  • Abdurrahman Arif
  • Verdi Solaiman
  • Roy Marten
  • Faradina Mufti
  • Revaldo
  • Annisa Pagih
  • Egi Fedly
  • Yayu Unru
  • Khiva Iskak
  • Melissa Karim
  • Asmara Abigail
  • Kiki Narendra
  • Lady Diana
  • Ryoichi Adityo
  • Bowie Budianto

So that’s some list of players from the film love for sale 2 that mimin can share with all of you, hopefully this information can certainly be useful information for all of you, a little here mimin will review a little about the film love for sale 2 below.

Review Film Love For Sale 2

You could say this is a popular film that relates to everyday life. Although fictional, the scenes presented are so close to reality. Yes, films with less complicated plot elements can easily impress audiences.

For example, Lady Bird (2017) presents the reality of teenagers. Now, even Indonesian filmmakers don’t want to lose in making quality films like Andy Bakhtiar Youssef’s Love For Sale 2. The film, which is a collaboration between Visinema Pictures, Stay Connected Media and 13 Entertainment, focuses on romance in the digital era.

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You could say the stories presented are not cheap and relevant to what is happening around us. Yes, this film raises questions about cranky singles who end up having to use a dating app that is still thriving.

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