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Korean dramas (K-Drama) or often known as drakors always present interesting stories, ranging from the Romantic, Comedy, Action, Thriller genres, to Fiction and Fantasy dramas.

The deepening of the roles of the actors and actresses often makes the audience get carried away by the atmosphere in the film. Coupled with the handsome and beautiful faces of the actors who are eye catching.

Not only that, drakor also always brings phenomena taken from true stories (reality life) with culture and meaning of life that can be taken in everyday life.

One of the dramas that is currently being sought is Welcome to Wedding Hell. So where and how to be able to watch it? Here is the information for you.

Welcome to Wedding Hell (2022)

Nonton Drama Welcome to Wedding Hell (2022) Sub Indo

Welcome to Wedding Hell tells the story of a couple who decide to get married, but in preparation for their wedding they face various complicated obstacles.

This Korean drama was produced by KakaoTV with a total of 12 episodes by carrying comedy-romance inside it. The directors who worked on this series are Seo Joo Wan and Song Je Young.

The first episode releases nationwide in South Korea on Monday, May 23, 2022 on KakaoTV. Meanwhile, overseas Korean drama fans can access it through Netflix.

The cast of this drama series took Lee Jin Wook, Lee Yeon Hee, Kil Yong Woo, and Yoon Yoo Sun. Also attending were Hwang Seung Eon, Im Ha Ryong, and Kim Mi Kyung.

This series is a marker comeback Lee Jin Wook and Lee Yeon Hee. As is known, the last time Lee Yeon Hee starred in a drama The Game: Towards Zero in 2020.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Wook often stars in series with the Thriller or Action genre. Welcome to Wedding Hell is the first time since 2015.

The collaboration between famous Korean actors and actresses is worth looking forward to. Given in this series each will play a different character and always contradict.

Well, before going to the link to watch the drama Welcome toi Wedding Hell with subtitle Indonesia. For starters, let’s look at the synopsis first below.

Sinopsis Welcome to Wedding Hell

The drama series Welcome to Wedding Hell centers on the story of a couple in their 30s. They want to have a serious relationship after 2 years of dating.

Reality is not as beautiful as the plan they have thought, they want a beautiful wedding like in a fairy tale. But all that was destroyed and in fact difficult to realize.

A handsome man named Seo Joon Hyung (Lee Jin Wook) is an employee who currently works at a large company. His life tends to be flat and never faces difficulties.

His daily life changes when he meets Kim Na Eun (Lee Yeon Hee) and establishes a relationship as lovers. Kim Na Eun is also an employee of a large company.

Their characters are not the same, Kim Na Eun is a smart, smart, realistic, and loving woman. Meanwhile, Seo Joon Hyung is the opposite of his lover’s nature.

Two years of dating and the age of thirty, it was considered enough time to get married. The two agreed and began to prepare for the special day.

Instead of going smoothly, they are faced with various problems and question life after marriage. How exciting is this drama?

Watch Drama Welcome to Wedding Hell Sub Indo Not Telegram

To watch Welcome to Wedding Hell, that is by using digital media. Devices that are supported by the internet will make it easier for users to search for movies.

There are many media services streaming available on the internet, ranging from paid to free though. Of course, each service has a different service and quality according to the price.

If the paid service provides convenient facilities and is not disturbed by the appearance of advertisements suddenly. Non-paid aka free services probably will not provide such a thing.

Watching Drama Welcome to Wedding Hell can be done through platform Officially not on Telegram, Nodrakor, Rebahin, Dramaqu, Drakorindo, Bioskopkeren, Cool Cinema, IndoXXI, and so on.

The Korean drama series has aired on the Netflix streaming service. You can see the link to Watch Welcome to Wedding Hell (2022) Indo Sub >>> CLICK HERE

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