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Want to watch the latest Chinese drama Love in Flames of War sub indo? Check out the following full review with a synopsis for you.

Watching movies is one of the most popular ways for netizens to get entertainment and fill their spare time.

Then the genre of film that is now also starting to be liked is Chinese Drama which is no less exciting than Korean Drama and can make the audience feel excited about the storyline.

Well, one of the newest Chinese dramas that netizens have been looking for lately is entitled Love in Flames of War, curious? Here’s the full review.

Drama China Love in Flames of War (2022)

Nonton Drama China Love in Flames of War (2022) Sub Indo

This Chinese drama tells about a love story that takes place in the early 20th century after the conflict between China and Japan.

The Chinese state which is struggling to recover itself has begun to make many programs including the military for its youth.

This agenda also approached Xiao Bei Chen who met his potential partner named Lin Hang Jin.

The Chinese drama Love in Flames of War itself has been released since April 30, 2022 and will still be ongoing and has a total of 43 episodes and 45 minutes per episode.

This historical romantic drama was directed by Chung Su Kai, Kong Li Da, and Zhang Jun Hao and features a series of famous Chinese stars such as Chen Du Ling, and Shawn Dou.

This latest Chinese drama itself airs officially on Youku and ZJTV in China, but for those of you who are also curious to watch it, you can access it via Youtube Youku Indonesia for free.

But before heading to the link to watch, it’s better if we know the synopsis of the story first, along with the review.

Sinopsis Drama China Love in Flames of War

In the early twentieth century, the Republic of China was struggling to establish itself, despite threats threatening its sovereignty from the Empire of Japan.

During this uncertain time, hot-headed teenager Xiao Bei Chen quickly became an adult. He routinely bullied Lin Hang Jin, the girl who had been given protection by his family.

He faced his intimidation with such toughness and determination that his admiration for her grew.

As their romance develops, Xiao Bei Chen learns that his future will involve several years at the Military College.

Before leaving, he got a promise from his family, allowing him to marry Hang Jing after graduation.

Five years later, he arrived home and found a marriage vow from his lover to a Mu Zi Zheng. No longer a bully, he had grown into a focused youth.

So with steel determination, he plotted to win back Lin Hang Jing’s heart. But in 1937, the Second Sino-Japanese War broke out, destroying his romantic plans.

Now the trio must choose a side, knowing that their future decisions will impact not only them but the fate of thousands of others.

Curious about the continuation of the story? Watch live in the latest Chinese drama Love in Flames of war 2022 which is currently airing on Youtube.

Link Watch Love in Flames of War 2022 Sub Indo Not Telegram

To watch the latest Love in Flames of War 2022 itself can be done very easily.

As previously mentioned, this drama officially airs on Youtube Youku Indonesia and will now reach its 40th episode.

Besides that, you can also watch complete with Indonesian subtitles so you won’t be confused about reading the storyline.

Immediately, here is the link to watch the latest Chinese Drama Love in Flames of War 2022: CLICK HERE

You can access the drama films directly because they can be accessed for free, good luck.

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