Nomme Kalju VS TJK Legion Score Prediction Saturday, October 29

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Nomme Kalju VS TJK Legion Score Prediction Saturday, October 29, 2022.

Hello faithful readers, accurate predictions with us. Once again, I want to analyze the strength of the two teams that are about to face each other in the scary stadium of the Nomme Kalju team. During an exciting match this time around, TJK Legion would have used the latest examples of techniques to undermine host Nomme Kalju’s sharp attack. If you can pull off these techniques and tactics, the chances of the TJK Legion winning are pretty high.

As a host, Nomme Kalju should have put his best team in the League this season. If you look at their last 5 fights, they had a lot of disappointments. However, they won by a narrow score.

Prediksi Skor Nomme Kalju x Legion TJK

Meanwhile, the TJK Legion are in high spirits after last week’s victory in eliminating a giant team, a result that, of course, was super unexpected because they weren’t underdogs. The result was also supported because of the high self-confidence after the previous victory.

TJK Legion itself will be the focal point of Nomme Kalju’s mind, this club should look attractive because he is aiming for the highest post. The previous battle will certainly create more excitement for the TJK Legion. As far as the eye can see, Nomme Kalju can be considered a complete team. Everything the other clubs want is in Nomme Kalju, the stellar squad as well as the maturity of all the players can convey the belief that they will always lead the game at home and away.

5 Pertarungan terahi Nomme Kalju

2022.10.23 D1 Trans Narva 0-0 Name Kalju
19.10.2022 JK Tabasalu Cup 1-0 Nomme Kalju
19.10.2022 Cup Nomme Kalju 0-4 Paide City team
10.16.2022 D1 Name Kalju 1-0 Flora Tallinn
08.10.2022 D1 JK Tammeka Tartu 3-0 Name Kalju
2022.10.02 D1 Name Kalju 0-1 Levadia Tallinn

Last 5 games of TJK Legion

22.10.2022 D1 JK Tallinna Kalev 2-0 TJK Legion
10.14.2022 D1 TJK Legion 3-2 FC Kuressaare
08.10.2022 D1 TJK Legion 1-1 Levadia Tallinn
10.01.2022 D1 Flora Tallinn 4-1 TJK Legion
18.09.2022 D1 Paide City Team 10-0 TJK Legion
14.09.2022 D1 TJK Legion 1-1 Paid City Team

Head-to-head Nomme Kalju vs TJK Legion

13.08.2022 D1 TJK Legion 1-2 Name Kalju
27.04.2022 D1 Name Kalju 3-0 TJK Legion
02.04.2022 D1 TJK Legion 2-4 Name Kalju
15.01.2022 WT Name Kalju 2-2 TJK Legion
2021.11.27 D1 TJK Legion 2-2 Name Kalju
2021.10.02 D1 Name Kalju 2-2 TJK Legion

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While all the stats suggest that Nomme Kalju will lead the comparison, it still doesn’t represent a certain thing. Before the referee sounded the last syringe, it was certain that TJK Legion still had a chance and would not give up. The TJK Legion itself has agreed that it will act desperately to secure the team’s name and prestige. Let’s watch together and wait for the final result of these two exciting teams.

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