NIKKE Goddess of Victory Opens CBT Global

NIKKE Goddess of Victory Opens CBT Global, Register Now! NIKKE: Goddes of Victory is a mobile game with RPG fighting style that will be released soon. The game was unveiled at the 2021 G-Star event, the annual event where many Korean games are launched.

Finally, after waiting for a long time to be known through the official Twitter, registration has now been opened for the Closed Beta Test. This game will feature many unique characters who have different abilities and have a pretty interesting storyline. However, it is unfortunate that this registration is still not open in Indonesia, but is already available in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, England, France, and Germany.

NIKKE Goddess of Victory Opens CBT Global, Register Now! Announcement And Registration Link From The Official Twitter

The game also released a new PV and coincided with the announcement of CBT for players on iOS and Android.

NIKKE is a TPS mobile game that allows players operating NIKKE weapons against Rapture. For those who have played arcade games, the gameplay of this game is similar to the game Time Crisis 4. Players need to manage ammunition, dodge enemy attacks, and shoot enemies while using the appropriate weapon for a particular mission.

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