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Newest Free DNA Forex Trading Robot Best Platform For Beginners

Robot Trading – Stock trading is a transaction to buy and sell short-term ownership deed for a limited liability company or limited liability company. In general, the short term in question can be found in daily market prices.

Stock trading is just as popular and profitable as investing in stocks. However, stock trading activities require more time.

Because stock trading requires not only time to buy and sell stocks quickly, but time to observe stock developments and trends from time to time so you don’t miss a moment that can give you many times over.

Yes, what helps traders or people who trade stocks is DNA trading robots. But what is a trading robot? Please see the full review below!

What are Trading Robots?

Understanding Trading Robots is a system that opens stock transactions automatically using an algorithm, so users don’t have to bother monitoring the stock market.

Trading robots are indicator algorithms programmed to analyze the market technically or graphically. Namely, trading robots are limited to being a tool that helps traders.

Stock trading robots, for example, securities that display automated orders involving direct market access and trading algorithms. Stock trading robots generally automate transactions and reports.

So the decision remains in the hands of investors, so trading bots only help execute transactions so that traders or investors do not lose that momentum. The type of investment that is often used by trading robots is the so-called Forex investment.

Newest Free DNA Forex Trading Robot Best Platform For Beginners

As we have explained, trading robots are usually used as foreign currency investments or forex investments. Well, below are some lists of good trading robot applications for beginners, including:

1. Tops Scalper FV

Top Scalper FV is that he can place orders for example sell-stop or buy-stop at a close distance from the main price level. This can be done in an attempt to profit from pending orders at that price.

2. Yellow Free

Yellow Free is the free version of Yellow Expert Advisor. This free forex robot can be used to trade based on short-term trend changes. You achieve this by creating a price corridor in the parameters.

3. Correlates EA Free

Correlates EA Robot is a free trade that allows you to generate and apply the classic idea of ​​connecting the USDCHF and EURUSD currency pairs.

4. Signal T-200

Signal T-200 is a popular robotic forex trading strategy available for free on QuickPro app especially for FOREXimf clients.

It can be used by using multiple currency pair movements using the toggle technique. This robot is based on multiple low risk trades.

5. GPS Forex Robot

Forex GPS has gone through several development cycles to have a new and updated application.

The GPS forex robot is proven to be able to adapt to all market conditions and can implement various strategies needed by traders.

6. ScalPro

A free trading robot based on a scalping strategy with relavit resistance and support is suitable for those of you who want to profit from daily profits.

Forex robots, which can be obtained for free, come from third parties and use an average system that is limited to 2-3 steps.

In addition, it has been equipped with an automatic recovery plant which has proven to be profitable.

7. EA Forex Flex

EA Forex Flex is one of a series of trading robots specially designed to use virtual trading as a reference.
The robot is available on various types of Metatrader 4 platforms and offers 12 different strategies to use when trading.

In addition, there are various built-in virtual trading features that allow this robot to open positions that can determine the best entry level using certain algorithms.

Advantages and Disadvantages of DNA Trading Robots


So, before you decide to use a trading bot as a tool to support your trading activities, there are some advantages and disadvantages that you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of being a Trading Robot.

1. Advantages of DNA Trading Robot

Below are some of the advantages of trading robots, including:

a. Can Operate 24/7

Trading robots can be used at any time without a break. Trading robots monitor and see market movements at any time and take appropriate actions. So with the existence of an advantage the traders are not spared.

b. Multitasking

Sometimes it is very difficult to multitask, but trading robots can do it. The robot can run automatically and perform many tasks, from targeting profit, stop loss orders to signing up and signing off.

In fact, Forex robots are able to view foreign currencies simultaneously, as well as carry out research and multiple operations.

c. Taking Risks Faster

We humans have limitations, feel tired and need rest, so it is very difficult to act alone. Meanwhile, by using trading robots, capturing opportunities based on parameters, traders can scan the market, see market movements and make trades accurately and quickly.

d. Not Having Emotions

Unlike people who have feelings and logic, conflicts between the two can cause excessive emotions. Some of the emotions that people often experience while playing trading games are greed, fear, prejudice, and selfishness. It is these emotions that cause trading activities to become chaotic.

e. New Features Constantly Updated and Developed

As the trading robot development process evolves, more and more new features are developed to keep up with market dynamics.

2. Disadvantages of DNA Trading Robots

Below are some of the disadvantages of trading robots, among them are:

a. Spend

Being able to use a trading robot can be quite expensive. This fee is used to pay for the Virtual Private Server rental.

b. Still Requires Regular Monitoring

Although trading robots are very good and help traders, they still need to be monitored by traders. So, investors or traders still have to work and make sure the trading robot can do its job in a good way.

c. Prone to Technical Failure

Although it can be automated, traders need to monitor the performance of the trading robot as technical problems from internal robots or external factors can arise at any time.

d. Requires Special Skills to Use

Because the process in Forex trading robots is automatic, at certain times market conditions are not normal. So, it is highly recommended to use Forex trading robots if you have sufficient trading experience.

In addition, traders must also have a clear intuition to know when market conditions are not conducive.

e. Less Able to Adapt to Certain Market Conditions

Unfortunately, trading robots are not built to adapt to this situation. This is because the mindset of a trading robot is basically linear. Meanwhile, when the news broke, his movements were shaky and disheveled.

f. Not All Brokers Allow the Use of DNA Forex Trading Robots

When many traders use Forex trading robots, the broker’s servers can become overwhelmed with long market orders. In this situation, the broker’s server may lag or freeze.

To avoid server lags and freezes, some brokers prohibit the use of Forex trading robots on these account types or pairs.

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That’s the review that we have explained about the Latest Free Forex DNA Trading Robot, the Best Platform for Beginners. That is all and thank you!!


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