New ocean-themed Neptune bundle coming to VALORANT

VALORANT players can soon pick up the new Neptune skin bundle to add an under the sea vibe to some of their favorite weapons.

VALORANT is full of weapon skins of all shapes and sizes. Some skins are simple and add a splash of color, while others are outlandish and significantly alter the design of each gun. The latest Neptune bundle leans into this concept, giving each weapon an ocean-inspired makeover.

The Neptune bundle includes new skins for the Guardian, Vandal, Spectre, Shorty, and a new nautical melee skin. Each weapon features a moving aquarium with colorful plant life and sea creatures. The weapons also have black and white variants, allowing players to pick a color that matches their style. The melee skin even has a starfish on it, making it a cute weapon despite being meant to violently bludgeon enemies.

Patch 4.10 also went live today, introducing minor changes to Haven, new audio queues when a deployable ability is destroyed, and several bug fixes to help the overall state of the game. The new skins won’t change or improve your gameplay, but they can help you look cool even if you’re struggling.

Riot Games hasn’t revealed the cost for the new bundle, but it will be available in the in-game store tomorrow, May 25. As with any bundle, make sure to grab it before it leaves the store or suffer the consequences of hoping the skins appear in your daily shop.

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