New MMORPG Soulframe Inspired From Anime, Studio Ghibli

Game soul skeleton is an upcoming free-to-play hybrid action MMORPG from the developer war frame. It features a completely new gameplay style that is different from anything else on the market. “With the Soulframe theme and world-building elements, we really wanted to go back to our childhood favorites like The Never Ending Story and that complex fantasy world,” said Jeff Crooks, Creative Director for Soulframe, the next new game from developer Digital Extremes, who is also the developer of Warframe. Digital Extremes introduces a new fantasy mmo game with the title Soulframe, uniquely it is said that this next game is inspired by the Anime by studio Ghibli entitled Princess Mononoke and Hayao Miyazaki Japanese animator at studio Ghibli.

Anime Studio Ghibli

As we know Studio Ghibli has created many extraordinary animation works, various stories are embedded in the form of animation, even some of the animations have been worldwide and including in Indonesia, some of which are well known in Indonesia including Cents to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (better known Excited to go), Tonari no Totoro, Hotaru no Hakaand Princess MononokeIncidentally, most of us have watched his works and I also recommend the anime series above for all of you to watch (steady).

Digital Extremes has announced a new MMO inspired by the Studio Ghibli films that is currently still in the early stages of development status. Warframe developers will continue to push new updates to the RPG game during its seven years of live service. This is famous content, quality of life changes, new ways to play weapons, additional Warframes, and new mounts. Development team Shift and Rebecca Ford are now creative directors of Warframe, and the studio announced its next multiplayer game at TennoCon 2022.

Soulframe is an upcoming free-to-play hybrid action MMORPG from developer Warframe. It features a completely new style of gameplay that is different from anything else on the market he says. “With elements of the theme and world-building of Soulframe, we really wanted to return to our childhood favorites like Never Ending Story and those intricate fantasy worlds,” said Soulframe creative director Geoff Crookes.

Interesting, because the novelty that is instilled in the game different MMORPG elements from the market, said to draw influences from different genres and fantasy arts, this new game not only has elements of Western art, but is also very influential in itself. Hayao Miyazaki’s films, along with other Studio Ghibli projects, were a huge influence on the fantastical elements of Soulframe.

“Our team really loves Miyazaki and Princess Mononoke where ideas about nature and humanity collide and we’ll be exploring the many themes around nature, restoration and exploration in this new title,” said Crookes.

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