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KULIM – Primus LKS Development Sdn. Bhd. launched a new real estate project known as Jazz Park with a gross development value (GDV) of R1.2 billion, making it a unique independent township development in the region.

Primus Group Managing Director, Datuk Razman Mohd. Noor said the mixed-use project consisting of housing, business premises, commercial buildings and a specialist hospital was developed on an area of ​​28 hectares near the Kulim Hi-Tech Park (KHTP).

He said his group has a vision to contribute to elevating Kulim’s status as a modern and modern city.

“Jazz Park is strategically located in the main city of Kulim and close to higher education institutions, government departments and industrial estates,” he said while speaking at Jazz Park’s opening ceremony here today.

Chairman of the Kedah Industry and Investment Committee, Datuk Dr. To Abd. Rahman To Ismail.

This massive project is divided into eight phases and the first phase includes a popular restaurant chain which is expected to be completed by the end of this year followed by the construction of 360 apartments at an estimated price of R260,000 per unit. targeted for completion within three years.

According to him, the company also provides affordable housing projects in development areas including the Aman, Makmur and Kasih brands.

“We believe Jazz Park has the potential to become a facilitator in all economic sectors in Kedah which is expected to be able to do things that are sustainable in the commercial, retail, industrial, residential and tourism markets,” he said.

In addition, Jazz Park has the potential to be a prime location for various future developments and provides great opportunities for local and foreign investors to invest and own real estate in an exclusive independent city area.

Meanwhile, he said, his party has also organized a two-day Rhythm Music Festival starting today where renowned singer and composer, Datuk M. Nasir is present at the same time as the launch of the program.

Meanwhile, Ku Abd. Rahman said this project provides a new image and new spirit for the development of Kulim which is able to attract first-time home buyers as well as investors, expatriates and workers in the high-tech sector in KHTP.

“This new, modern and special township development will have famous restaurants, shopping areas and a hospital, which will open up opportunities for residents to relax and have fun here,” he said. – COSMO! ON THE INTERNET

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