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There are lots of DANA balance-generating applications that you can currently use. One example of an application that is currently being used is the Neo Plus Apk, the FUND Generating Application.

Maybe Neo this FUND generating application is one of the best and makes people love to use it.

Because only by carrying out a few missions that are easy to do, you will get a prize in the form of a DANA balance.

In addition, of course, this application is also considered far superior when compared to several other money-making applications.

You no longer need to doubt the prestige and quality of the Neo Plus application.

Considering the developer is a very well-known company and has official permission.

Neo Plus The Fastest FUND Earning Application 2022

In this digital era, all activities can be done online online via the internet.

With this, activities are carried out much more quickly, efficiently and of course very easy.

One example is getting money from special money-making applications.

In the past, applications like this were already busy being played by people. At first they only provided balance payments into pulses.

But now, because there are so many digital wallets like DANA, people are busy playing money-making apps again.

Of course, applications like Neo Plus also provide a method of exchanging balances to become money in the DANA digital wallet.

Neo FUND earning app is one of the tools to earn money by completing some special tasks.

After you complete the task, the system will give you a reward in the form of points and can be exchanged for DANA balance.

The missions and tasks given are also not too difficult. So, you just follow all the missions that have been given so that it can run smoothly too to get the money.

Well, if you want to earn money from Neo Fund Balance Generator App Fastest, you direct download just follow the application below.

Download the Neo+ Funding Balance Generator Application

Download the Neo+ Funding Balance Generator Application

Cara download Neo application is not difficult you know. You will be very easy if you want to find the application.

You can get this application through the app store as in play store or it can be at app store.

So, you can directly download it and can use it right away without having to install manually.

However, for those of you who want to see some details about the application, then you can look at the table below.

App Name Neo Plus Apk
Version V3.0.1134
Size 48 MB
OS system Android 5.0+ or ​​above

Features of Neo Plus Money Making Apk

Features of Neo Plus Money Making Apk

As a money-making application and Digital Bank, Neo FUND-generating application has several attractive superior features.

You can’t necessarily find all of them in other FUND generating applications. Here are the features of this Neo Plus application.

1. Easy Registration

You can do the registration process to have an account at Neo Plus easily and quickly.

You can even have an account right away and verify the data.

2. Supervised by OJK

Basically Neo Plus is considered a Digital Bank, so it gets direct supervision by the OJK.

This is also useful so that you are not exposed to the false lure of the free balance event from Neo Plus which is still valid.

3. Very Safe Application

Due to OJK supervision, the application developer, namely BNC Digital Bank, provides strict protection for the system.

So you can still feel safe without worrying if there is a silent balance in the application.

4. Banking Features

Now this is also a feature and advantage that is very rarely found in other money-making applications.

The feature is that you can do some banking activities in Neo Plus.

You can make deposits, receive money, transfer between accounts and much more.

5. Withdraw Balance To E-Wallet

You can cash out all the balances and money in Neo Plus to your e-wallet easily and quickly.

You can even disburse the balance of the prize results due to events from Neo Plus to DANA and others.

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How to Register Neo+ Money Maker

How to Register Neo+ Money Maker

After you know about the information from this Neo Plus application, then this is the moment you have been waiting for and you should know it.

So guys, if you have got the Neo Plus application, you can register right away.

You need to register in order to form an account. Well, from the account that you created that later you will be able to make money.

However, do you all know how to register on this Neo Plus application?

Calm down, guys, for those who don’t know it, you can see some of the ways below.

  • Download and install the application first from Playstore.
  • Then open and run and enter mobile phone number you.
  • Select “Kirim OTP” to start registration and enter the code into the existing field.
  • Tap the text button “Sign up now”.
  • When finished, you can start Login re-enter and complete some required personal data.
  • Tap the text “Submit” and you are already registered on Neo Plus.

How about you guys, the way to register on the Neo+ application is very easy, isn’t it?

Well, if you are a new user to this Neo+ application, then you can use a referral code “RLHSN2” to get bonuses.

If you don’t want to bother to register too, then you can use the link HERE and get directly Rp. 25,000 directly to your neo plus account.

How to Earn Money Through Neo Plus

How to Earn Money Through Neo Plus

The Neo Plus application is also known to be able to bring in money directly and for free.

You just need to complete some tasks that have been given by the Neo Plus system.

After you complete the task, the prize will be received and can be disbursed into a DANA balance and others.

The most common way to bring in DANA balance is to invite other people or invite them to use the Neo Plus application.

The amount of balance that you can receive is very large. Every time someone registers using a referral code, you will get Rp. 25,000.

If you can invite a lot of people, of course the total prize can be bigger. Below is the complete method:

  • The first step you must have is the Neo Plus application and register in it.
  • After that, you can open and run the application.
  • When you are on the first page, you can look for a menu option that says “Invite New Friends“. This menu is usually in the “Popular“then search”There’s IDR 8.8M waiting for you” and select.
  • Then when you are in the Invite New Friends menu, you will be given a link that can be shared with others. Just copy the link provided.
  • To invite friends instantly, you can choose the menu option that says “Invite Your Friends” and there are plenty of options for sharing links to other social media.
  • When the Neo Plus link appears, add the referral code you have so you can bring in a large balance.
  • When someone registers using the link and code, the menu “Neo Rewards“In HP you will increase Rp. 25,000 and can continue to increase.
  • Done.

So that the amount of DANA balance that you can withdraw is large, you must be able to invite other people who have not used Neo Plus.

You can share the link and code to social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp and others.

Pros and Cons of Neo Plus Application

Pros and Cons of Neo Plus Application

Indeed, this Neo application is one of the DANA Balance Generator App The fastest that has been proven to be able to pay its users.

In addition, you must also know the advantages and disadvantages of the application.


  • First you will find the appearance of the application is so simple.
  • The official and trusted application and has been registered with the OJK.
  • It has a fairly light application file size.
  • Faster profit to make money.
  • The level of security is guaranteed.
  • Provide an opportunity to get 10 million for new users for the lucky ones.

Lack of

  • When you are doing the registration process, sometimes there are users who have problems uploading their ID cards.
  • There are still some bugs that exist in the application.
  • This Neo application can only be used for mobile phone users version 5.0 or above.

The final word

Neo FUND generating application offers many features and advantages. Moreover, this application also applies like a Digital Bank which facilitates online banking activities.

In addition, you can also get quite a lot of bonus balances by inviting friends.

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