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Rarely sharing children’s affairs, recently actress and host Irma Hasmie shared the cem4s moments her son faced.

Parents are sure to ris4u when they see a child with a fever for a long time and do not get sick even though they have been given medicine.

The same situation was experienced by the actress and host, Irma Hasmie when her eldest son had to be rushed to the hospital after shortness of breath, fever with high temperature and headache.

The latest upload of the share on her Instagram, Irma shared her anxious det1k that she went through recently

Now, his son is back healthy after undergoing treatment at a hospital in the capital.

“The story a few days ago, I just had time to share. Hope to share the benefits with all who read.

“Bismillahi Mashaallah. At first, Irfhan ses4k breath in the middle of the morning

“Hot boots too, the fever didn’t go down, I’ve started ris4u la. It doesn’t seem to matter, even if you eat paracetamol every 4 to 6 hours. Then he was inactive, complained of a severe headache, tired of snoring.

“I took him to the clinic again, the doc gave me antibiotics. Entering the 3rd day, I still have a fever, munt4h-munt4h, it’s even weirder even though I’ve taken antibiotics. He’s really tired.

“Even to the point of drinking plain water, he also vomited. What more medicine. At 12 am rush went to the hospital. Go to the emergency room, this time Irfhan can’t even stand up, his legs are limp. Admitted.

“Apply GL, I want to be a problem for the staff at Registration inform that Irfhan has an insurance policy that’s not mature anymore, it’s only been very exciting, it’s only been 4 months.

“I think this time will not pass, he said he should have been 6 months. He looked at me in silence, then he said don’t try to submit. Kat report, DR wrote suspect: chest infection.

“That day I had to mess with my insurance agent, I called him Su. @suriarosli91. TQ knows Su helped calm me down who was upset at that time. Su told me to try to apply the GL.

“I don’t know, Su sedapkan our hearts to continue to be patient. We pray. Surrender. To persuade the heart, he is also persistent, Astaghfirullah.

“The brain is still thinking where to take Irfhan at that time. Amik medicine jer kat here then go home to or have to wait until noon la kot try to bring HKL to, but the outdoor pes4kit clinic open I don’t know what time. Can’t think of that time, blur and dead end.

“The procedure now is that there must be a c0vid test to apply GL. Irfhan had a swab test when he was sick. Kat emerg3ncy area tu dah masuk Drip, amik dar4h amik dar4h amik dar4h, 3 syringes.

Amik neb lagi. Chest X-ray.

“It’s a bit like how much he will be charged if the GL doesn’t come off. Fainted. He doesn’t know if my son is sick anymore. Indeed, this heart is not crazy. So it’s almost dawn.


The nurse came to inform Irfhan that he had influenza A.”

“Allahu. Terkejvt. Honestly, I didn’t immediately think of this vrus. I think it is quite difficult to identify when a child has a fever that is infected with V1rus Inflvenza A.

“But at the same time, thankfully because I know what the pain is, get treatment quickly, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah


Avoid the occurrence of serious complications of influenza that can be life -threatening if treated late, nauzubillah. So those who read this, can better avoid being exposed to this v1rus. Google is an ok prevention method.

When infected, it is difficult to take care of. The infection period usually takes 7-21 days to heal. Look at the pictures of the medicines that need to be eaten and completed, the medicines are up to 14 days. 3 days also Irfhan at the hospital.

“Haha, what’s the story of GL ?? Alhamdulillah, approved. Thank you very much. No loss for parents who love insurance for children. It’s a savior. Don’t ask how much the total bill is ok. AIA settlement.

“Now there are all kinds of ‘diseases’ that worry you. To be sure, parents have to be careful, this virus is part of seasonal influenza and is very contagious.

“We pray a lot for our descendants. Hasbunallah wa ni’mal wakil ni’mal maula wa ni’mal nashir, ”he wrote and shared.

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