Naoki Yoshida’s First Game on Square Enix Has Been Canceled

Recent reports have revealed that Naoki Yoshida’s first game on Square Enix was canceled by his superiors.

This information was revealed by Naoki Yoshida through a conversation with Akihiko Matsui on the program “WE DISCUSS VANA’DIEL” (via Kotaku). If you are interested in games made by Square Enix, you can check out our other articles at Gamedaim News.

Naoki Yoshida’s First Game on Square Enix Has Been Canceled

Speaking with We Are Vana’diel, Yoshida discussed his experiences during the 2003 merger between Square Co. and Enix Corporation. At the time, Yoshida was an outside developer working with Enix for online PC games when the two companies decided to merge.

“As a result, we were informed that the game may not be exclusive to PC. Sure enough, after the merger, they asked us to rework the game for PS2,” said Yoshida. “There was a huge difference in memory capacity between a PC and a PS2 even then, frankly, I was like, ‘You’re kidding, right?’”

The move then caused a lot of trouble for Yoshida’s game. However, a high-ranking officer eventually called him to meet with Square Enix executives to provide a full explanation of the development issues.

Yoshida explained that they had high hopes for him and Tanaka Hiromichi (original producer Final Fantasy XI) was willing to provide the support he needed to get the game back on track.

Unfortunately, the project will not be released as Square Enix keeps asking for more features. The sales meeting decided that Yoshida’s game needed a whole new scenario mode.

The decision led to a debate within the company about how to pass the news to Yoshida’s team after asking them for various changes. As a result, the game was postponed without a definite release date.

Yoshida also briefly described his project to Game Informer as an ambitious RPG game where collaboration with fellow players is key to seeing the different branches of the entire storyline.

“You will follow this one path and then you will have to cooperate with others who have gone through different histories, or exist item which you have to get to change your trajectory, but players can only get item it’s from someone else,” Yoshida told Game Informer.

Become an Official Square Enix Employee

Despite the cancellation of the project, important people at Square Enix saw something in Yoshida that caused Yosuke Saito to take him in 2005 as an official Square Enix employee.

After that. Yoshida will work on Dragon Quest X and various other spinoffs before being commissioned by Square Enix to save Final Fantasy XIV. According to Yoshida, his success changed Final Fantasy XIV related to the canceled project.

“That chain of events was one of the reasons why I was determined to rebuild Final Fantasy XIV, said Yoshida. “Even though all [produser Final Fantasy XI asli Tanaka Hiromichi] has been done for me, I can not release the title he expected. I feel rebuild Final Fantasy XIV is the only way I can repay him.”

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