‘My life is back to normal’

RICHMOND: Popular Hollywood actors, Johnny Depp thankfully his original life was finally back and he no longer needed to live in depression.

The actor expressed his gratitude after the Circuit Court in Fairfax County ruled in Depp’s favor in a defamation suit filed against his ex -wife, Amber Heard.

Citing reports Daily MailDepp in a statement after the court’s decision, celebrated the success of winning the lawsuit.

“Six years ago, my life and that of my children, including those close to me, as well as those who have always supported and trusted me, changed completely.

“Six years later, the jury gave me my life again. I feel very humble, ”he said.

Earlier, seven jurors unanimously ruled that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor be paid US $ 15 million (RM65.8 million) in damages.

Heard, who is also an Aquaman film actress, was ordered to pay US $ 10 million (RM43.9 million) in compensation and US $ 5 million (RM21.9 million) in punitive damages to her ex -husband.

In addition, the jury also awarded Heard US $ 2 million (RM8.78 million) in damages for one of three counterclaim claims against Depp.

The jury reached the decision after a 12 -hour discussion, in a six -week trial featuring testimony from 62 witnesses including a partner, a psychiatrist, a surgeon and the actor himself.

Depp filed a defamation suit against Heard for his writing for the column Washington Postdemanding compensation of as much as US$50 million (RM219 million).

Heard responded by filing a lawsuit claiming US $ 100 million (RM439 million) and claiming he suffered ‘physical abuse and violence’ from Depp.

Depp denied ever physically abusing Heard instead claiming his ex -wife often acted violently.

Meanwhile, Depp described Heard as a nightmare in his life.

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