Must Read, For Mothers, The Latest Price of Chicken Eggs – Recently, the mothers were a little dizzy with the soaring price of oil in the market, it is not even considered complete now the price of eggs also from before fasting has skyrocketed until now.

The latest price list for broiler eggs today is still stable, there is no change in price from yesterday, which is Rp. 25,600 per kilogram.

Likewise, the price of purebred chicken eggs outside the Jombang area has not moved at a price of Rp. 25,500 per kilogram.

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Meanwhile, in Blitar and Kediri, after yesterday’s decline, it rose again by Rp. 1,000 to Rp. 24,500 per kilogram and Rp. 24,700 per kilogram, respectively.

For more details, here is the updated table for the latest day’s chicken egg prices compiled from the breeder community.

The Latest Price of Chicken Eggs

Region County town Price
DKI Jakarta Jakarta 26.000/kg
Banten Tangerang 26.000/kg
attack 25.700/kg
West Java Bekasi 26.000/kg
Bogor 26.000/kg
Sukabumi 25.700/kg
Cianjur 25.500/kg
Bandung 25.800/kg
nice 25.300/kg
Tasikmalaya 25.600/kg
Brass 25.300/kg
Cirebon 25.600/kg
Central Java Purwokerto 25.500/kg
Pekalongan 25.800/kg
Kendal 24.700/kg
Semarang 25.500/kg
Salatiga 25.500/kg
Holy 26.000/kg
Pati 25.500/kg
Solo 25.100/kg
Klaten 25.800/kg
Magelang 25.300/kg
Cepu 24.900/kg
In Yogyakarta Yogyakarta 25.500/kg
East Java Pacitan 24.500/kg
Magetan 24.300/kg
Madison 24.500/kg
Ponorogo 24.500/kg
Kediri 24.700/kg
Blitar 24.500/kg
Jombang 24.900/kg
Pasuruan 25.000/kg
Malang 24.900/kg
Surabaya 24.800/kg
Tuban 25.500/kg
Madura 25.500/kg
Lumajang 25.500/kg
Jember 24.700/kg
Banyuwangi 24.500/kg
Bondowoso 25.000/kg
Lampung Bandar Lampung 25.500/kg
South Sumatra Palembang 24.500/kg
West Sumatra Padang 25.000/kg
Riau Pekanbaru 25.600/kg
Jambi Jambi 24.300/kg
North Sumatra While 25.800/kg
South Borneo Banjarmasin 27.000/kg
East Kalimantan Balikpapan 27.000/kg
Central Kalimantan Palangkaraya 27.500/kg
Pangkalan Bun 28.000/kg
Sampit 28.000/kg
South Sulawesi Makassar 26.000/kg
North Sulawesi Manado 24.000/kg
Bali Denpasar 24.300/kg
NTB Mataram 24.800/kg

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*Disclaimer: The price above is not a benchmark price, the price may differ according to market needs and the sale and purchase agreement.

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