More quirky, Machine Gun Kelly Shows off Blood Injection Earrings

Machine Gun Kelly or MGK is back in the public spotlight. Not from the presentation of new songs that he launched, but his quirky style of appearance again.

Reported from Page SixMachine Gun Kelly was caught on camera showing off earrings that looked like injections filled with a red liquid that closely resembled fresh blood.

This was seen when he and his fiancé, Megan Fox, attended a screening of his latest film titled Taurus at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival, New York, United States.

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Kelly’s Machine Gun Gets Criticism

In that appearance, MGK looks eccentric with pink hair, white coat, and blood injection earrings.

Many people think the earrings are hinted at as blood from Megan Fox. This is because they both have revealed to the public that they often drink each other’s blood for a ritual.

Many people think that MGK’s appearance in this event is a promotional event for young people to get into the drug blanket.

“Many people have died from drugs and overdoses. A wrong message especially for his young fans. I grieve and feel the pain for the parents who have lost their children to drugs. Hopefully his career is over soon for sending these weird signals!!” criticized one netizen.

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