“More and more Si*l Your Behavior” – Why Is Baby Shima Called A Pest Of Nation & Religion?

Of late, singer Baby Shima did not hesitate to share and expose the faces of netizens who threw bad words at her on social media.

What’s New?

Shima shared a screenshot of a comment from an Instagram user who seemed to scold him for writing abusive words.

“How stupid you are, the more you behave, you bitch, you’re a pest of the nation and religion, you’re a real bitch,” wrote the netizen.


Shima Balas Komen!

Not silent, Baby Shima appeared to reply to the comment.

“I don’t even swear at people,” he replied.

Looking at the comment space, the average netizen left a different response. Some asked Shima to be patient, some wanted to ‘attack’ the individual’s account.

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