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“Mock me by calling Ali Hitam, I will take court action”. “I’m lazy and don’t care what netizens want to say because they don’t determine the court’s decision,” said comedian Ali Puteh about the constant criticism thrown at him through social media.

It follows a report by Harian Metro yesterday on Ali’s joy at the trial of the suit against him.

Ali, 32, said netizens have no right to decide who is right and who is wrong and he does not have to deal with them.

“Only the court can decide. There are also netizens who say all sorts of things near Instagram, but I answered the comments nicely.

“If they say Nor Hidayah (sister -in -law) won, it’s okay. I do not want to pollute the month of Syawal with less sweet deeds. I’m used to people’s atrocities. Alhamdulillah, I am okay, ”he told Harian Metro.

However, Ali or real name Syed Ali Mubarak Syed Mohd Ridzuan will take action against netizens who physically insult him excessively.

“If someone calls me Ali Hitam and plays with body shaming (body shaming) is a bit extreme and involves the family,

I will not hesitate to take legal action. Our country has laws and if they are very extreme, this matter will be taken to court.

Don’t say I’m busy just wanting to sue, instead they are the ones who want to meet me. I will ‘print screen’ and take action, “he said.

Ali said he was too lazy to quarrel with them on social media because it was just a waste of time.

“The way to teach them is to take them to court. If the chat on social media will never end.

“If he is wrong and has to pay a fine, for example RM500,000, then he will regret and want to apologize. I hope you pray for the best and don’t eat hamun because this is the month of Syawal. If I really want to meet, I can come to court, ”he said.

Earlier, a family dispute involving Ali and his sister -in -law, Nor Hidayah Mohd Ali forced the case to be taken to the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court.

It was heard before the Judge through a procedure that took place online on 16 and 17 February.

Want to make peace with Nurul Hidayah, Widow of the late Abam.

Due to his previous controversy, there must have been negative words thrown at him.

Not quick to lash out, Ali however explained that his decision to venture into business was due to interest.

Unlike many claims, it is to pay the money ordered by the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court against his brother’s ex -widow, Siti Nor Hidayah Mohd Ali.

CONFLICT between Ali Puteh and the widow of the late Abam, Nor Hidayah Mohd Ali, had a big impact on the comedian’s career when he did not receive many job offers and some of them were canceled at the last minute.

Ali, 33, who is the younger brother of the late Abam revealed he went through a difficult life and only survived with his own savings to support the family expenses.

“Since the beginning of this case, many of my jobs have been canceled. Other than that I haven’t received many job offers over the last two years.

“I depend on my own savings to support my family. I have to be frugal because there are children growing up. However, thankfully all the equipment is still sufficient, “he told mStar.

Admitting that he was stressed by the situation, Ali or his real name Syed Ali Mubarak Syed Mohd Ridzuan had to be strong in order to continue his life and carry out his responsibilities as the head of the family.

At the same time, Ali did not want to point a finger at any party and regarded what happened as a test for him to improve himself.

“There is a sense of stress because I have three children. When my late mother was still alive I also bore the cost of medical treatment. I just told my wife to believe that sustenance will come one day.

“I don’t want to blame anyone but put all the blame on myself. Maybe this is God’s retribution for my past sins. God winked at me with a test like this, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Ali said he was ready to face Hidayah to resolve all the conflicts between them.

However Ali refused if there were any parties who deliberately wanted to make their story good as a material for public viewing.

“There are television stations that want to find us, but for me if they want to make peace, there is no need to tell the public. Let me do it myself.

“He can also meet me to resolve all problems related to documents for faraid’s claim,” he explained.

For the record, Abam died on February 10, 2020 due to high fever.

In May 2020, Hidayah filed a defamation suit against Ali over a statement made by the comedian on his Instagram account which, among others, described him as irresponsible.

After almost two years of trial and error, in February the court decided that Hidayah won the case and Ali was required to pay compensation of RM60,000.

Source: Metro and Mstar

link: https://www.hmetro.com.my/rap/2021/05/708321/ali-puteh-dah-lali-kecaman


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