Merge Rich Car Apk Money Making Paying What Scam?

Merge Rich Car Apk Money Making Paying What Scam? – Are you tired of making money in the form of investments? The admin at this time will discuss applications that can make money in other ways.

This application is called Merge Rich Car Apk which is related to Game and now there is a lot of news about this money maker.

For those of you who are interested in trying to use it, you can read this article to the end at once to find out whether you are still paying or it is a scam.

What is Game Merge Rich Car Apk?

The Merge Rich Car Apk application is a game where you combine several cars to get a new type of car.

Where for each car will have its own value in accordance with the market price that has been set by RCH or My Rich Farm.

However, you can’t find the Merger Rich Car Apk application in the Play Store application, but there is an Apk file that you can download.

Download Link Game Merge Rich Car Application

You will easily download this Merge Rich Car Apk game even though it is not available on google playstore because a menu is provided to download the application.

Please download the apk file for this game via the link that the admin has prepared below.

Game Merge Rich Car Apk

How to Register the Merge Rich Car Apk Application

After you have successfully installed the application on the device you are using, then carry out the registration process as follows:

  1. Please open the app
  2. Then click login
  3. After that you click the menu “Wallet” on the top right
  4. Then you can click the button “Create Wallet”
  5. Next make “Password” first
  6. Next you confirm the password that has been created
  7. The next step is to click the button “Create Now”
  8. You need to click the button “Got It” to proceed to the next stage
  9. You will be asked to make “Password Backup Recovery” which serves as account security.
  10. Click button “Copy the Phrase” first and save it in Notes or Notes on the cellphone, Then click the button “Verify”
  11. In column “Verifiy” You can re-enter the words you copied earlier according to order.
  12. The last time you click the button “Confirm”
  13. Done

How to Get Money from the Merge Rich Car Apk Application

In order to make money from this Merge Rich Car Apk application, you must combine cars.

Every time you combine cars, you will get a number of Coins, Diamonds and Tokens.

For the Coins you get can be used to buy new cars, so you will be able to have many opportunities to combine cars until the car level is greatly increased.

For every 50 RCH Tokens, which is approximately 1.7 USD which, when translated into Rupiah, has a value of Rp. 25,000.

Besides combining cars, you can also do missions to invite friends to join you.

Every time you successfully invite 1 friend, then you will get 100 RCH which is of course very interesting.

How to Withdraw the Merge Rich Car Apk Application

You will exchange RCH Tokens in very varied amounts which include the following:

  1. 30 RCH
  2. 50 RCH
  3. 100 RCH
  4. 300 RCH
  5. 500 RCH
  6. 1.000 RCH

To carry out the withdrawal process, you can refer to the information provided below:

  1. Log in to the Wallet menu.
  2. Then select the amount of RCH you want to withdraw.
  3. Click button “Withdraw”.
  4. You click enter on the menu “Record” which is next to the button “Withdraw”.
  5. After that open the app “Trust Wallet”.
  6. Then you click the button “I already have a wallet”.
  7. Next you click “Multi-Coin Wallet”.
  8. Copy the word order or “Phrase” which you copied earlier in the note to the Phrase box.
  9. The last time you click the button “Import” and click the button “Done”.

Is the Merge Rich Car Apk application safe and proven to pay?

If you look at some of the existing reviews, this Merge Rich Car Apk Moneymaker has really been proven to pay off.

In addition, it is possible to immediately sell your RCH token income through the Trust Wallet application and for some this has been overloaded.

Because many new users are very enthusiastic about being able to get RCH tokens for free and easily.

Although this money-making game is not available on Google Playstore, this application can still be said to be safe to use.

The final word

Up here for the discussion this time and hopefully this article can provide benefits for you, that’s all and good luck.

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