“Memories and making loved ones happy are important …” – Netizen

Aeril Zafrel’s Partnership Dining Famous Chef’s Hand Water, Salt Bae Gets Many Attention. Wow, once the price of food is really shocking. Can Hold The Price !!

At this point, the equally beautiful couple, Aeril Zafrel and his wife, Wawa Zainal are on holiday in London, United Kingdom. Also present were Mawar Rashid and her husband, Raf Yaakob.

Through his Instagram account, Aeril shared a video where they were enjoying a steak dish at a fancy restaurant owned by a famous chef, Salt Bae. Before enjoying the meal they are served with a presentation by the chef preparing the food.

Aeril also received a feed of steak from Salt Bae and they were seen to be very entertained by the way the food was presented from the Chef. Even the prepared meat looked so appetizing.

However, at the end of the video, Aeril received the food bill and when converted into Malaysian currency, the price of the food was worth more than 10 thousand ringgit. Wow, everyone should be surprised.

Let’s watch the video below:

The partnership received various reactions from netizens. Some said it was worth it and some felt it was a waste. Among the comments given:

“Fuhh .. a little mail I want to taste .. able to swallow water liyor je ni .. 10k mcm 100 je bg org have2… ok that’s the price .. he said p la bg sedap hati kat I can’t afford this anymore ..”

“Eat for a year, takpaa .. memories and make your loved ones happy are important… 10 k, what’s so great about retis mcm 10 ringgit ..”

Salt mixed with sweat on his arms. It must be a little salty .. Close your eyes for 10K .. don’t have to have .. 10k mcm want to have a shopping party, don’t eat for fmly .. “

“10K nang1s fuhh but best happy .. Oh God… steak he’s drooling I tengokkk .. Ok la mkn kt obersea bbaloi dh tu with the price ..”

“10k abis trus duit dpt kwsp ritu .. takpe makan ramai2 takde rasa sgt .. Share2 takpe tak terasa sangat .. Kalau sak1t perut bu4ng tomorrow takpun lusa. Takde la rasa rug1 sangat .. “

“MasyaaAllahh p1tamm look at the price, I want to wash the dishes for 10 years but it doesn’t necessarily pay off .. He sprinkled the monkey, it hit his arm ..”

Aeril also did not miss the opportunity to take pictures selfie with the chef. Definitely the food is worth the price is not. Once in a while, spend a lot for your loved ones, if you can afford it, what’s the harm, surely the sustenance will become cheaper after this.

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Source: IG Aeril Zafrel

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