Megan Thornton Accident Video Viral on Twitter & Reddit

Megan Thornton Accident Video Viral on Twitter and social media: A 23 year’s old woman named Megan Thornton passed away in a fatal car accident. The car accident took place on 31st July 2022. Since then the news has been hitting the headlines all over the internet. According to the police reports, the accident occurred near Corpus group where she worked as the Marketing Manager. The Police reported her death as they arrived at the scene. Later, the news was released by the press and media on social media. Check out the Video footage of the car accident of Megan Thornton and further details down below in the article.

Who was Megan Thornton?

Megan Thornton was 23 years old young age. After completing her graduation, she was recruited as the Marketing manager in the Corpus group. She finished her graduation from the University of Exeter. In the meantime, she had been an intern in the reputed firm. She was a talented and hard-working woman. Unfortunately, she lost her life when she was making growth in her career. At an early age, she got the position of Marketing Manager in the Corpus group. As per the police reports, Megan was in very critical condition when she was taken to the hospital.

Megan Thornton Car Accident

Check out the Video of Megan Thornton Car Accident

Since she had lost too much blood in the car crash. The medical team couldn’t save her. Megan’s family was informed by the Police. Nowadays road and car accident has been increasing day by day. Most people lost their life due to their own fault. Apart from it, the authorities have to come up with strict traffic rules in order to overcome the rate of road accidents.

Megan Thornton was a lovely soul. The corpus group expressed their emotion on the loss of marketing manager, Megan Thornton on social media. It is said that the company has given compensation to family members of Megan. According to the reports, there is video footage of the car accident revolving around the internet. Some people have found the video clip of the accident that has gone viral on social media.

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