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Arti Mutualan IG – When using the Instagram social media application, of course there are words that often make you confused because you don’t understand, one of the most popular on Instagram is the word “mutualan”. Mutualan in the Instagram application, of course, has often been used, but sometimes users who read it don’t really understand what it means so for some people feel a little confused, therefore you must understand what IG mutual means.

Mutualism, which is widely used in the Instagram application, turns out to have a very unique meaning where it comes from slang that is widely used on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or other social media, but what users often use is for IG mutuals.

Well, here’s ClickPrint will discuss thoroughly about the meaning and meaning of IG mutualism which is widely used by social media users, including Instagram. Check out the explanation below.

Arti Mutualan IG

So that you are not confused anymore with the meaning of the word or term mutualan in this IG application, then you must know it. Mutualan which is widely used in this application has a very unique meaning, because this word comes from today’s youth slang which is widely used on social media.

For example like on Facebook, Twitter, to Instagram itself, and others. In a social media application, it usually has many terms with different meanings. Just like this mutualan term, which originally came from English.

The word mutualan comes from English, namely mutual, which has a mutual meaning together or following each other’s accounts. In social media, there are many people who interpret the word mutualan as following each other or following each other, for example in social media, twitter or IG itself.

So in essence, the meaning of IG mutualism is to be friends with each other or also to follow each other’s accounts on the IG application.

If you already know the meaning of this mutualan, now if you have a conversation in chat about mutualan, it means that you have to follow each other’s account.

If interpreted into slang, then the meaning of this mutual is to invite users of an IG account to follow other accounts. After that that person will immediately follow back or follow back.

Even though it means to follow and unfollow each other. But as a modern teenager who is also one of the IG users, then you must know what it means.

So that later when you use the IG application you won’t be lazy because you don’t understand what the word mutualan means, which is talked about a lot by people on IG.

Mutual Slang Kata

The word mutualan is indeed included in slang, for that if you are an active IG user you must know the meaning of this IG mutualan word.

If you already understand the meaning of the word mutual, then you can use this word in other social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, to ask for friendship. You can chat with your friends on the inbox menu, to ask for mutuals and then follow each other.

But there are also many people who don’t understand what this IG mutualan means, because most users, especially FB, don’t know because they rarely use the word mutualan.

But by understanding the meaning of the word mutualan, it will add to your insight into slang in today’s social media. If you have a lot of followers on IG, then you can share your own IG account profile link.

For example, using other media such as Sociabuzz and influencer groups on Facebook. After that you can receive many jobs from the IG account. There will be many people who offer you jobs through your personal IG account with the large number of followers you have.

For those of you who already have tens of thousands of followers, hundreds of thousands or even millions can receive work through the IG account. One way to increase the number of followers is with the IG mutualan.

As in the Biology lesson about mutualism symbiosis, which means two parties who take advantage of each other and benefit each other. It’s the same with how the mutualan concept works on IG, which will be mutually beneficial for you and other accounts that follow each other.

That is why, the meaning of this IG mutuality is simply a relationship that occurs between two IG account owners, which is mutually beneficial because both will follow each other which will automatically increase the number of followers.

Mutualism does not only occur on IG social media but can also occur in other social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, or others.

How to do an IG Mutual

After you understand what IG mutuality means, now you must know how to be able to do IG mutuals, with the steps below:

1. Sending a DM Pesan

For those of you who have just created an IG account and want to add more friends and increase the number of natural followers, you can send a DM message first to be able to do IG mutualan to one of someone’s personal accounts.

You must follow the account first and then send a DM with a message that implies that you want to be friends with him and then want to be followed back. Use language that is polite and easy to read and easy to understand.

Tips for doing IG mutualan to be successful are:

  • It’s best to first follow an account on IG that you already know, for example your elementary, middle, high school friends, or your playmates.
  • Follow active IG accounts and often use these IG accounts, so they want to follow you back.
  • There is no need to follow the artist because it is very likely that you will not be followed back.
  • Follow someone’s IG account that has interesting content can also be an option.

2. Via WhatsApp Groups

The next way to get mutual IG is to use the Whatsapp group. Usually WA groups contain people you already know well. People in the real world who will find it easier to do mutualan there.

Through the WA group you can do mutualan regularly in the following ways:

  • Follow each other’s accounts.
  • Giving comments and likes on IG regularly on each group member account, for example once a week.
  • Share information about work.

You can also add a private message to your personal bio on IG, for example by mentioning that you are asking to be mutual by following each other.

If people are already following you and want to be followed back, they can let you know via DM message. This can provoke other IG accounts, which open your IG account to follow and then finally you can be mutual with that person.

In addition to the three methods above, you can also use this mutual concept by sending private messages via Whatsapp to people you already know.


So that was a little discussion from us about the meaning of mutual IG for all of you. Hopefully this article will make you understand what mutuality is, a word that is widely used on social media. Hopefully after this you have a lot of friends on social media. Good luck!

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