May 13 could recur if social media platforms are misused

KUALA LUMPUR – The black events of May 13 that happened 53 years ago can be repeated if unity is not maintained well in the country, especially on social media platforms.

Social Expert, Prof Datuk Dr Mohammad Shatar Sabran said, in the era of the digital world, negative comments are written arbitrarily if there is a disagreement between one party and another on various issues.

Accordingly, he advised that before a post is made on social media, one should think about whether his actions are intended for good or otherwise.

“If only to hit, impose, drop, damage and humiliate others, then stop.

“Ask yourself, what is the agenda or the final intention of the information that is uploaded? is it to develop the country, give warnings or advice to the community? if we have good intentions, then we will continue, ”he said.

He said this when commenting on the headline ‘Perpaduan Era Metaverse’ in Selamat Pagi Malaysia published by RTM1, yesterday.

Mohammad Shatar Sabran talks about ‘Perpaduan Era Metaverse’ on Selamat Pagi Malaysia published by RTM1, yesterday.

Commenting further, Mohammad Shatar who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) suggested that virtual citizens express positive things on social media, especially about the country.

“Good words are a prayer and God willing, they can be granted if about 32 million people in this country do it, then Malaysia will improve.

“There is no point in talking about negative things if we are not able to change it, it will remain an empty chat in social media groups.

“It is better for us to talk about positive things, then enjoy the unique diversity in this country by respecting each other and allowing the community to live in a more harmonious state.

“Be careful in sharing information, especially that can threaten the peace of the country because the impact is very big,” he said. – MalaysiaGazette

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