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Tommy Walton is known as one of the contestant from Masterchef, who is a well-known fashion designer, and culinary artist.

Tommy is known to be a Creole Chef with an Interdisciplinary Fashion Design and Visual Arts background. Tommy was a cast in Season 6 of the hit FOX TV show MasterChef.

Walton was named USA Brand Ambassador by Daelmans Stroopwafels, the leading stroopwafel baker in November 2017.

Tommy Walton Life Explored

Tommy Walton is known to be an accomplished artist and designer of objects with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Theatre Arts from DePaul University’s Goodman School of Drama.

Thomas had an ego from the start, and while this turned out to be arrogance, he quickly dialed down his overconfidence and became one of the season’s strongest cooks after a disastrous pressure test.

During the Mystery Box Challenge, Tommy won his first mystery box challenge. Tommy made a delicious bamboo rice jambalaya using rice from the mystery box.

Tommy Walton Age Revealed

Tommy Walton is presently 59 years old and he was born in 1962. Walton learned to cook from his grandmother, who was well-versed in Creole cuisine. In Chicago, he also learned a lot from his aunt.

He also competed in “The Cut,” a reality competition to design for Tommy Hilfiger in 2005.

Tommy is a faculty member at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he teaches accessorized design. Tommy is the Chair of the Design Department at The National Young Arts Foundation/Miami.

In Season 6, Episode 15, Tommy was eliminated from MasterChef’s Top 7 during a team pressure test challenge. He was asked to remove his apron and leave the competition. He left in true Tommy Walton style, with his trademark flair.

Tommy Walton Social Media Presence

Tommy Walton is active on instagram under the username @tommywalton.hautecreole.

He has gained more than 6.2k followers and posted 306 posts on Instagram as of May 24, 2022.

Besides Instagram, Tommy also uses a Twitter account, which he joined under the ID handle @Tommy__Walton. He frequently shares images of himself and dishes he prepares on social media platforms.

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