Many Thought Aliff Aziz Hugged Intan Najuwa Because He Remembered Migration, This Is Intan’s Response – News Tel

Currently, the names of two well-known actors, Aliff Aziz, and also Intan Najuwa, are the talk of netizens.

This is after a video showed them hugging in Genting Highland, Pahang.

Granted, these guys are filming, and it’s all just acting.

However, netizens questioned why Aliff Aziz acted like that, even though before he looked like he was wandering.

Many comments from netizens seemed to question Aliff Aziz’s actions even though he was only acting.

“Why act like that, remember it’s completely changed, migrate.” Among the comments from the public.

“Remember that acting as an angel is not recorded.” Another comment from a netizen.

Seeing this viral video, and many commenting, actress Intan Najuwa also commented.

Intan Najuwa, 24, insisted that it was just an act and was one of the scenes for a drama titled My Match Babysitter.

He said, in the video it was clear that there were employees and the production crew of the drama, and not just hugging like that.

“That’s what we filmed, there didn’t seem to be any cameras rolling. Everyone was there for the drama My Match Babysitter. Remember why you just want to cuddle, there’s not much work to do.”

Intan Najuwa actually took issue with the title of the blog which was considered to invite inaccurate perceptions.

“This title is also quite inviting, why would we want to spread bad things.”

For your information, Aliff Aziz who is the winner of Gegar Vaganza is now the main actor in a drama series entitled “Jodohku Babysitter” with Intan Najuwa and is also assisted by several other actors such as Ellyas Abdullah, Natasha Elyzza, Sharifah Shohara, Yuna Rahim, Nina Juren, Isaac Iman and Tasya Nazira. .

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