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Actor Que Haidar is recognized as having a very rare talent in the field of acting. His talent makes Que Haidar one of the actors who can bring characters to life very effectively.

His name continues to stand out in the acting industry. However, Que Haidar now prefers the script he wants to be involved in, and doesn’t take it.

Although he rarely appears in any drama or film, the name Que Haidar is still known to many people.

Besides being very talented, Que Haidar’s personal story is also often told. Especially after marrying a famous dance teacher, Linda Jasmine.

Now, Que Haidar’s children are in the spotlight. His two daughters, Tengku Ratu Haidar and Tengku Cleopatra Haidar, seem to have inherited the beauty of their mother and the good looks of their father.

Tengku Ratu is now 12 years old, wants to be 13 years old, has grown into a teenager, while his sister, Tengku Cleopatra, is 10 years old.

Even though she looks young, her beauty has made many fans and fans of Que Haidar amazed and fascinated.

If Que Haidar uploads photos of his children, there will be many compliments and comments that will be amazed by the beauty of Que Haidar and Linda Jasmine’s children.

“It’s classic and very beautiful, the faces of the Que and Linda children.”

“This couple’s child is very beautiful, just like the face of a princess character in a Disney movie.”

“The Queen’s face is the same as Linda’s, after that Cleopatra’s face looks like the female version of Que Haidar. Both are beautiful.”

Tengku Queen
Cleopatra’s Tengku

In addition, there are also followers who feel and give their opinion if one of their children, whether Queen or Cleopatra, has the talent of her father and mother, of course she can become a star in the art world of this country.

In addition, Linda Jasmin’s son and his ex-husband also often get compliments from the deck for their good looks.

For your information, Que Haidar and Linda Jasmine married in 2010, now their marriage is 12 years old.

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