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Mandiri to BCA Conversion Fee, from ATM to Clearing 2022

Transactions between banks as we know will incur certain fees for each activity. Also we will discuss this time is the Mandiri to BCA conversion fee.

The transfer service itself is one of the activities of sending money from two different accounts, i.e. the account of the sender and receiver of the transfer. Activities that can be performed on the same bank accounts or different accounts.

The number of interbank customers making transfers is also facilitated by several types of transfer services.

But every conversion activity has a different cost and also a different method.

Mandiri to BCA Transfer Fee has different terms for each type of transfer service, starting from the transfer amount and also different administrative fees.

However, in order to provide professionalism and efficiency, the customer will bear the fee for transferring Mandiri to BCA so that the transaction activities can be completed instantly.

Does any of you know how much is the transfer fee for Mandiri Bank to BCA?

For those who don’t know and now you want to know, don’t worry anymore, my friend.

Because here official will give you all the information regarding Mandiri to BCA conversion fee and also the method of conversion in more detail.

Let’s see it together my friend.

Multiple Transfer Service Methods

There are several types of transaction services that customers can perform for interbank transfer activities.

Because along with the development of convenience we are facing, the transfer activities are not only limited to visiting bank tellers or through ATMs.

There are many other methods which will surely make it easier for both customers to make inter-bank transfers like Bank Mandiri to Bank BCA.

And for Mandiri to BCA transfer fees, there will also be different fees for each transfer method.

Before inviting all the administrators to the Mandiri to BCA Transfer Fee List, the administrator will provide several transportation service methods that you can do.

What are transaction services, see the explanation below my friend.

1. Intrabank Transfer

Intrabank تحويل Transfer

The first method of transportation service that you can use is transportation Intra Bank Oh sigh.

Do you know what this interbank transfer actually is? Calm down, my friend, you can listen to some explanations regarding interbank transfers below.

So this bank transfer is one way that can be done within the same bank.

If you want to transfer money to someone else through this method, the recipient must also have the same bank network.

For example, the sender uses a BNI bank, so the recipient must have a BNI account as well.

Well, that is what is meant by the interbank transfer method service. How do you understand now?

2. Transfer between banks

interbank transfer

Remember that brother interbank This is not the same Intra Bank. You must be able to distinguish between words and writing so as not to be mistaken.

So this Interbank is a way to transfer money to another bank or account.

This way, you will be able to transfer money to your account and receive it from a different account.

For example, the sender uses BRI Bank to transfer to the recipient’s Mandiri Bank account.

With a method like this, there will be many things involved, friends, like main networl, receiving bank and sending bank.

For the main Netwol company in Indonesia, this is Link, ATM Bersama, Alto and also Prima.

If you use this interbank method, the sender will be charged a fee if you want to transfer to another bank.

So now you can choose to use the Intrabank or Interbank method, my friend

In addition to these two methods, there may be several other ways to make interbank transfers such as:

  • SKN (National Clearing System) or LLG
  • Online conversion (real-time)
  • RTGS (Real Team Gross Adjustment)

Transfer fee from Mandiri Bank to BCA

Transfer fee from Mandiri Bank to BCA

After you know what the transfer service methods are, it is time to find out how much is the transfer fee from Mandiri to BCA?

Well, my friend, as the title says, we will tell all friends of lppdjatim, how much it costs to transfer from an independent bank to BCA.

Many people now probably do everything online, friends, as well as in money transfers like this.

However, there are usually a lot of people who object to the amount of fees incurred when making a transfer.

Therefore, in order to be able to estimate how much you will have to pay when transferring, you can find out the costs as follows.

1. Transfer Mandiri Bank to BCA via Mandiri SMS

The cost we will tell you first is the bank transfer fee to BCA via Mandiri SMS.

Then, how much management fee should be paid? See details below.

Online Transfer 2.500
Transferring between banks through clearing 6.500
Online Transfer (High Value Transaction) 15.500
Transfer between banks via RTGS 25,000

2. Convert Mandiri Bank to BCA Online

If you don’t want to be complicated, you can convert an independent bank to BCA online, my friend. Administrative fees are as follows:

Transferring between banks through clearing 5,000
Online Transfer 6.500
Online Transfer (High Value Transaction) 15.500
Bank transfer via RTGS 25,000

3. Transfer Mandiri Bank to BCA via ATM

So, friends, this ATM has already become one of the things that are widely used by the surrounding community.

With an ATM, the transfer or transfer process is also easier. You can see the required cost below.

Interbank transfer via Link / ATM / Bersama / Prima شبكة network 5,000
Interbank Transfer by Clearing (SKN) 6.500
Online Transfer 15.500
Transfer between banks via RTGS 25,000

So, these are some of the costs that have to be incurred if you want to transfer to someone else.

How can you now transfer money to people without worrying about fees?

As for the administrative fee as above for Mandiri Bank for transactions to BCA banks, there is no change yet.

You don’t have to worry and no need to get confused anymore, my friend, because the costs you will spend are still very cheap.

So you are now free to make transfers from independent banks to BCA in three ways as above.

How to make an interbank transfer

How to make an interbank transfer

If any of you already know the cost of converting from Mandiri to BCA, now you need to know how to make the conversion.

Probably, there are still a lot of people who do not know how to transfer money like this.

So, before making the conversion, it is better to know in advance how to transfer it.

You can learn how to convert online or through anything so you can my friend.

So, when we come to the bank, you will not be embarrassed anymore because you can already make interbank transfers.

Well, surely you are interested in how to do this conversion? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to pass it on to all of you, friends.

You can listen to how the conversion is done as we explained below.

1. How to convert Mandiri Bank to BCA via ATM

For this first method, we will provide a way to convert Mandiri Bank to BCA via ATM, friend.

If you use an ATM like this, you have to come directly to the bank so that you can make a transfer.

This method, of course, you should know in detail, my friend, because if you do it wrong, it will be fatal.

So you need to know how to convert in detail as below.

  • First, of course, you must first enter the Mandiri ATM on the ATM
  • On the screen of the ATM, the language option will appear, you can choose Indonesian
  • After that, you can enter it directly pin It is a 6-digit code
  • The nominal amount will appear on the screen (if you are going to take the money in cash)
  • Please just choose Other Transactionsthen just click Transformation
  • Then the transaction options will appear again and just select them Online Bank Transfer
  • After that, just enter it Transfer destination account number
  • Enter 3 more bank numbers The rest is just entering destination account code
  • If you already know another Bank Code (BCA), you can write it there
  • If some of you don’t know the bank code, you can directly click on Register Bank Code, to get this BCA Bank Code, ie 014
  • Then you can directly enter the account code, for example: 014 3452674965 Make sure the numbers you enter are correct
  • Then you can enter directly Nominal amount To be sent and clicked the correct
  • Then the screen will immediately show the recipient’s data like beneficiary name, account number, bank (BCA), no. The reference, as well as the nominal amount to be transferred
  • If you think the data is correct, you can click the correct
  • It’s over, you can just take it Proof of transportation that will come out of the ATM
  • Finally you can click Get out And you take the ATM card directly

2. How to transfer via SMS Mandiri Banking

In addition to telling us how to transfer via ATM, we will also tell you how to transfer via SMS Banking Mandiri.

Want to know how? Come on, you can watch the tutorial below, my friend.

  • First of all, you can only enter the menu data service
  • Next, you tap m-b_independent
  • Then press Menu Transformation
  • You can choose destination bank Choose from several accounts: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  • You enter the nominal amount to be transferred and press yes
  • Then, in field recording Could you Enter the destination account numberExample: 7980 and click yes
  • fill it up Transfer recipient name (Example: Fadiyah) then click YES
  • Then you can choose Transfer modeRTGS (same day), cling (next day)
  • click Resident Center Are you? the original people or Non-resident
  • After that, an SMS will be sent to you like “Enter the PIN to confirm the transfer from 1020548486648 to BCA rek.7980 / Fadiyah Rp.4,000,000.79” click yes
  • put it back Mandiri SMS Banking PIN Consists of 6 numbers, then press yes
  • Congratulations, your transfer has been successful

So here is the Mandiri to BCA conversion fee along with the conversion method you need to know.

You can follow the method we provided above so as not to make the wrong conversion, my friend.


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