Manantran Terlantar Chapter 519 – Ferran’s Novel

pakka Door 519 of novels Return of the abandoned brother-in-law Indonesian

Door 519

Just like that, Ye Fan went to the dinner party with a welcoming voice from Li Er and the others.

The few present who saw Ye Fan for the first time couldn’t help but feel astonished in their hearts.

They obviously didn’t expect the young man in front of him to be the famous Jiangdong Master Zhou, which made Yunzhou Li’er, Jiang Dongchenao and the others respect him?

“However, that’s too small, isn’t it?”

“Do not know if you are married?”

“Why, old Li still wants to marry his daughter to Mister Chu?”

“Doesn’t it matter? My daughter Lao Li is very talented, talented and beautiful. Every year, I don’t know how many people cross the threshold to apply for marriage. Perhaps Mister Chu admires my daughter?”

Everyone is talking about you

But speaking of that, he was still surprised by Ye Fan’s age.

“When he was in his early twenties, he was already very popular in Jiangdong.”

“If ten or twenty years pass, wouldn’t Mister Zhou’s name be the best in China?”

Many people couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

However, it was estimated that they had never thought that for Ye Fan, why did it take ten years for her to become famous in China?

Two or three years is enough!

Soon, under the leadership of Li Er and the others, Ye Fan entered the upper private room and sat down.

Sun Yuhao and the others were brought in by Li Er.

“Master Sun, would you mind sitting down?”

“Why are you just standing?”

“Didn’t you always wish to meet Mister Chu before, but now that Mister Chu is here, why is Mister Sun so shocked?” Li Er said harshly, full of doubt.

However, Sun Yuhao’s father and daughter and Han Hai remained silent.

The old face was grim, but he stood there with his head down, but he didn’t dare to look at Ye Fan at all. Not to mention sitting and having dinner with Ye Fan.

“You guys…” Li’er was even more puzzled when she saw him. At the dinner party he had bought for 200 million, this Sun Yuhao stared quietly and did not speak.

Sitting at the table with a faint smile on his mouth, Ye Fan poured himself a glass of wine.

In the next moment, he raised his cup and saluted Han Hai in front of him: “Uncle, in Jianghai City, you said I couldn’t give much happiness. Do you remember how I answered you back then?”

Ye Fan’s faint voice sounded softly in the room.

When Li’er heard her uncle’s name, she was shocked for a moment, then understood.

The three people in front of you, Mister Genchu ​​seem to know each other.

Han Hai did not answer, nor did she dare to answer. When Ye Fan’s eyes looked on, Han Hai’s body shook involuntarily.

And she still said Ye Fan: “Now, I’ll say it again.”

“I know that in your eyes, Jianghai is probably a place of fortune. Being a celebrity in the world means stalking!”

“But how do you know, in my eyes, what is Jiang Hai? What is Jiang Dong?”

“I can give Mucheng to the whole world!”

“I, Ye Fan, will finally become this honorable world!”

“You didn’t believe it at first.”

“Now, I ask you, do you believe what I say?”

“Now, do you still think that I, Ye Fan, are despicable and inferior to others?”

“Now, do you still think that I am not worthy of Mucheng? You cannot give Mucheng happiness?”

When Ye Fan said this, his words were strong and filled with pride.

As long as the rock falls to the ground, a sound will sound.

For a while, the entire restaurant was filled with Ye Fan’s anger!

In the next moment, Ye Fan raised the overflowing wine glass in his hand, proudly furrowing his eyebrows, toasting Han Hai, Sun Yuhao, and everyone in front of him.

Then Ye Fan raised his head and drank it!

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