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Man legally manipulates gun buyback program and receives $21K for guns produced by 3D printer – Legal Officer

Share and speak for justice, law & order…UTICA, NY – New York Attorney General Letitia James has been encouraging residents of her state to participate in her office gun buyback program since 2019. No questions are asked when the government offers public money for firearms because they proudly declare their efforts to rid the streets of gun violence.
In the past, experienced police detectives have shown how the system can be manipulated to reward thieves for stealing weapons, then government agencies literally become fencing operations unnoticed.
But in Utica, New York, an entrepreneur has shown a creative way to play the system and earn $21,000, according to Post Millennials.
During an August buyback in Utica, a man known only as “Kem” reportedly handed over more than 100 guns he had made using his 3D printer. He had seen posts online about individuals who had managed to take advantage of the government’s generosity, so he decided to give it a try, WKTV reported.
Kem used a $200 3D printer to quickly build a plastic firearm battery. With a recently made “lethal weapon,” he drives six hours from his home to Utica, where the buyback program is taking place.
“I 3D printed a bunch of receivers and lower frames for different types of firearms,” says Kem.
Upon arrival in Utica, he was asked how many guns he wanted to hand over (i.e. sold to naive government officials). He told authorities he wanted to hand over “110” firearms.
According to Post Millennials, Kem spent the day negotiating with staff, but ended up being given 42 gift cards, worth $500, making a total payout of $21,000.
“I believe handing over $21,000 in gift cards to some punk kid after getting a lot of plastic trash was a rousing success,” Kem told WKTV, adding that, “gun buybacks are a fantastic way to show, number one, that Your policy didn’t work, and, number two, you created the wrong request.”
He said they even advertised “more money” for discontinued weapons, such as the ones he had just produced.
Kem isn’t stupid, he says the same thing experienced investigators say, that programs like James “don’t really reduce crime at all.” If anything, they facilitate crime by providing incentives for theft and other creative methods, such as producing firearms using 3D printers.
According to James’ office, the August 27 buy-back event “resulted in a collection of 296 weapons, including 177 ghost guns, 42 long guns, 41 pistols, 33 malfunctioning guns, and 3 assault rifles.”
Ghost weapons are firearms that are handcrafted, unregistered, and unregulated. Kem’s 3D-printed firearms fall into this category.
New York Attorney General Letitia James (WKTV screenshot)
Since 2019, the James program has resulted in the buyback of 3,500 firearms. However, it had no impact on violent crimes as homicides continued to increase.
In a statement to KWTV, his office condemned Kem for his actions, explaining that they had “adjusted” [their] policy to ensure that no one can exploit this program again for personal gain.”
However, they did not say how their policies were adjusted to prevent creators of other “ghost weapons” from extorting taxpayers’ money from them.
In August, the Toronto Police Department tweeted a photo of a rusty gun — which had clearly not worked for years — as a weapon “removed from the street,” Law Officers reported.
(Twitter – Toronto Police Department)
Twitter users heaped sarcasm on thanking the department for keeping Toronto’s streets safe.
One Twitter user commented, “The serial number on this gun is 1.”
In 2017, the San Francisco Police Department paid money for a bazooka-style rocket launcher at a gun buyback event. However, it was identified as an AT-4 single-use weapon, Law Officers reported at the time.
“Shameful tweet for a trained police firearms expert. Unless your goal is to scare people. It’s just an empty tube. Can’t be reused,” one user wrote on Twitter.
“That’s the AT-4 Tube. There’s no use after being fired. You’re accomplishing nothing but wasting taxpayers’ money,” another Twitter user said.
Share and speak for justice, law & order…

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