“Mama Menitiskan Tears…,” – Firstborn Happy Circumcision, Wan Emir Atmosphere Story – Viral MY

The partnership made by the couple Mira Filzah and her husband Wan Emir Astar who informed that their eldest son, Wan Khair Amir was safe to undergo the circumcision process at the age of 30 days got the attention of netizens.

Through the partnership, they are very proud because their son is considered calm during the circumcision process.

“Know that Papa and Mama are very proud when you are good at behaving well during circumcision/circumcision!

“Mama shed tears when she heard you cry at first. Papa didn’t cry, but it hurt. But all the time until it’s over; You are calm and quiet.

“It’s good that doctors want to work. As Dr Razak said “..the front (circumcision) is gone, the bottom (defecation) is also gone .. you’re a cool baby.

“Alhamdulillah, congratulations my son. Hope you get well soon for our dear little champion! ”Wrote Emir at length in English.

Reviewing the comment section, on average their followers gave a kind speech and were relieved as the process went smoothly.

In fact, celebrity friends such as Bella Dally and Tasha Manshahar also entrusted their dedication through submissions that have already received more than 100,000 likes.

Just for info, Mira Filzah got married to Wan Emir Astar on 3 September 2020 and was gifted by Wan Khair Amir on 10 May.

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