Malaysia and Thailand are both strong in Vietnam – Malay News – Malaysian newspapers from Kuala Lumpur

Young Tigers U-19 team plays against Thailand in the Thanh Nien International Football Championship match at Binh Duong Stadium, Vietnam, on Friday.

Team The country’s and Thailand’s Under-19 Tigers (U19) team of the year put in an equally strong performance after a goalless draw at the Thanh Nien International Football Tournament in Binh Dung Stadium, Vietnam, on Friday.

Thailand, who emerged as the team selected for the tournament, did not wait long to test the goal of the team led by Hassan Szali Waras in the match.

But the ingenuity of goalkeeper Seyah Adeeb Haikal saved a series of attempts by the opponent throughout the 45 minutes of the first half.

The national under-19 team, champions of the 2022 AFF U-19 Championship, looked more fierce in the second half, but the end ended again and saw the two teams reach a stalemate at the end of the competition.

Hasan Sazale’s men will face the host nation, Vietnam, on Sunday before the campaign against Myanmar is installed, this Tuesday.

Organized by the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF), the top two teams of the league clashed in the final on August 11th.

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