Magic PopPop App Money Earning Apk What’s a Scam?

Magic PopPop App Money Earning Apk What’s a Scam? – One of the most talked about money-making applications today is Magic PopPop Apk.

You can play for free to get benefits in this Magic PopPop Apk Application.

To find out more information, you can read this article to the end to get the latest news from the registration process to payment.

So that later you can easily try to use and make money after successfully completing the missions provided.

What is Magic PopPop Apk?

Magic PopPop Apk is the latest money-making application with various missions that can be used to make money.

When viewed in detail, the magic poppop apk application is similar to the TapTap Miining Money-making application that was first present.

This magic poppop apk application has been officially released on google playstore and can be played for free without a deposit.

One of the missions available is playing games and several other missions are also provided to increase income.

In order to see some of the available features, you can immediately have the application first.

Download Magic PopPop Apk App

You can easily get Magic PopPop Apk via google playstore by going to playstore and doing a search by entering the keyword “Magic PopPop” in the column provided.

After you have found the application, you can immediately carry out the installation process on the device you are using.

How to Register Magic PopPop Apk Money Making

After successfully installing the application, you can directly register with the following steps:

  1. You open the application or you can enter with the Magic PopPop link
  2. Then enter your e-mail
  3. Then ask for a verification code that will be sent via email and enter
  4. Next create a password
  5. Confirm password
  6. Enter another user’s invitation code
  7. Finally check auto login and click sign up now

How to Get Money from Magic PopPop Apk

In order to make money, of course, you have to do the missions that have been provided with the following missions:

1. Lucky Draw

To do this lucky draw mission, you can directly click the spin logo on the top left of the display with a chance of 6 times and later you will get coins.

When you spin the spins later there will be ads that you need to watch first in order to earn money.

2. Ultimate Game Puzzle

One of the missions available is to play a puzzle game or tap the image of the same color which also earns additional coins.

3. Daily Check-in

You have daily check in missions which can increase your income which is very easy for you to do.

Where you just click the check-in logo at the top right of the display and then click claim.

4. Watching Video Ads

There are other missions that can increase your income by watching video ads, you just click the check icon or treasure box and then please watch the available ads.

5. Invite Friends

Apart from some of the missions above, you are provided with a mission to invite friends by clicking the profile logo at the top left.

Then later you will be provided with an invite code that can be shared with your friends to join.

You can invite friends via the invite link by clicking invite friends and sharing on social media.

How To Withdraw Magic PopPop Apk

If you have collected a lot of coins, you can make a withdrawal with the following steps.

  1. You enter the Magic PopPop Apk through the official website first
  2. Then login by entering your email and password
  3. On the home page, please click the interesting menu
  4. Next you select the DANA ewallet
  5. You enter your DANA account information first and bind now
  6. After that select the withdrawal amount
  7. Click redeem withdrawal
  8. Don’t forget to click confirm
  9. Done

You need to know that the minimum available withdrawal is Rp. 5000 or the equivalent of 5000 coins.

Is Magic PopPop Apk Safe and Proven to Pay?

After the admin tried to browse some user reviews, it turned out that the Magic PopPop Apk application has been proven to pay.

In addition, Magic Poppop apk is also safe to use because it does not adhere to a money deposit or Ponzi scheme.

Therefore, you can try it immediately if you are really interested in using it because it will certainly be a scam in time.


That’s it for information about the latest money-making Magic PopPop Apk application 2022 and hopefully it will be useful for you.

That’s enough and see you later.

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