MAD Lions wins Excel, cements place at the top of the regular season LEC Summer Split

The MAD Lions claimed their sixth straight Excel cut two weeks before the end of the LEC Summer Split regular season. The team cemented its place at the top of the leaderboard with just nine wins and three losses to their name. Despite the uncertainty that arose during the middle of the match, the MAD Lions dominated the match.

Excel and MAD Lions are some of the best teams to watch this season, so even before the match starts, league of legends Fans knew it was going to be full of action. This was also confirmed a few moments before entering the rift when MAD chose the Lions Draven versus Unf0rgiven.

With both drafts in place, it was clear that the first game was going to be filled with aggressive plays and proactive moves across the map. In fact, within two minutes of starting the game, the MAD Lions got their first blood in the robot lane thanks to a level 2 hit from Elyoya. But Excel hit him again, scoring a goal for them on the other side of the map. However, that didn’t stop Unvf0rgiven’s Draven from making a huge golden lead in the first few minutes of the match.

The aggressive bot path brought together a lot of advantages for the MAD Lions, allowing the rest of the team to gain confidence in their plays and giving Elyoya a lot of freedom with his movements around the map. With Nisqy and Armut getting single kills on their own, MAD Lions appeared to be the sole owner of the Rift, but Excel proved them wrong by winning a skirmish in front of the Herald pit and getting a neutral target to push the side lanes.

Furthermore, overconfidence in MAD Lions causes them to take unnecessary risks, and Excel punishes them for overextending their side of the map. The early advantages gained early in the game scattered mid-game, to the point that even Armut, in a post-match interview, described their gameplay as “really bad” during that point.

But the match changed direction again in favor of the Madrid Lions in the 27th minute when the team got the Baron’s buff and increasingly. More and more Unf0rgiven’s Draven included in team battles. In fact, an AD holder can boast more 6 karat gold than his 30-minute in-game counterpart. With the Baron’s force at their side, MAD began to besiege Excel’s base, and even if not immediately, the defenses collapsed under Armut and Unf0rgiven’s attacks. Although Excel put up a fight to save their base, they couldn’t stop the MAD Lions from taking their sixth straight win during the regular LEC Summer Split season.

The synergy between the MAD Lions players and their jungles was the basis for building a clear game plan that kept them victorious despite faltering mid-match. The MAD Lions have now cemented their position as the number one team in the standings, but next week they will have to face Rogue, the team that many have considered the best team Europe has now offered. Similarly, Excel will face current LEC champion G2 Esports in a battle for third place on the leaderboard.

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