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The story of the old actor, Mak Wan Latah, suddenly came up a lot. Related issues one after another became headlines on the country’s entertainment news portal.

Starting with the story of his marriage, there is now Mac Wan’s affair with a woman who was his former assistant or personal manager.

All of this happened, making the relationship between Mac Wan and his family bad.

Mak Wan Latah admits that she has been marginalized by her family.

The owner of the real name of Halima Al Saadia, Muhammad Daoud, stated that he and his family members were not in good health after being affected by various issues.

“Right, MacWan is not liked by his family at the moment, in fact MacWan is a bad person. MacWan is evil, I am an evil brother and sister.”

This was today’s expression from MacWan about his relationship with the other siblings, as reported by Mstar.

“But for everyone to know, even if Mac One isn’t good, you don’t want to judge someone without knowing what they’re going through.”

“If it’s a family member, who wants help and support. MacWan doesn’t want this either.”

“In fact, everyone believes in slander because other people’s words consume them. Later, everyone will arrange to search for Mak Wan in the afterlife.”

Mac Wan explained that he did not want to talk about the case with his personal assistant, Emil, who was posting his life story on social media.

The 61-year-old actor also did not want to talk about the alleged missing money.

“On the issue of money, MacWan does not want to talk further, as he is still under investigation by the police. MacWan is afraid of saying the wrong thing.”

On the latest developments in the art world, Mak Wan Latah is now starring in Mak Cik Dara and Bawang Theater.

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