M16A4 PUBG Mobile: Weapons and How to Use Them

The M16A4 is one of the PUBG Mobile types of weapons assault riffle. M16A4 is quite popular having damage which is quite good in its class. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see this PUBG Mobile weapon being used in official esports tournaments.

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On guide Here, you will find a brief explanation of the weapon.


The M16A4 is a popular weapon belonging to tier B.

Stats M16A4

  • Power: 43/100
  • Range: 40/100
  • Stability: 34/100
  • Firing Speed: 10/100
  • Damage: 43/100
  • Bullet Speed: 900 m/s
  • Body Hit Impact: 8000
  • Ammo: 5,56mm
  • Time Between Shots: 0,075 s
  • Capacity: 500

Attachment M16A4

  • Magazine: Extended Quickdraw Mag (AR)
  • Muzzle: Compensator (AR)
  • Sights: 4x Scope
  • Side Scope: Canted Sights
  • Stocks: Tactical Stock

The advantages and disadvantages of M16A4 PUBG Mobile

Even though it doesn’t have a mode auto, M16A4 comes with mode burst which allows you to shoot three bullets at once in one shot. Plus the bullet speed which is high, this weapon is quite effective for bringing down the enemy.

Another advantage is recoil small so it’s easy for you to use. In addition, you can also change this weapon into Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) because it has a mode single and fast bullets. The key is, you must bring a Scope x4 or x6 as a attachment.

Meanwhile, the drawback of this weapon that you need to pay attention to is the absence of a mode auto. This can be a problem because you are obliged to do tapping quickly when shooting. No fashion auto also makes M16A4 unsuitable for rush.

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