Luffy’s Haki True Test to Defeat Kaid, this is One Piece Chapter 1050 Spoiler – Here is information about Luffy’s true haki test to defeat Kaid, this is a spoiler for One Piece chapter 1050. So read this article to the end to find out more complete and clear information.

Even though Manga One Piece Chapter 1049 has been released on May 15, 2022, you may be impatient for the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1050.

Every week, there is a waiting list for fans of One Piece chapter 1050, which is the longest manga in history and remains the most popular manga series.

We can’t wait to see some more big scenes in the anime after the recent One Piece storyline.

So far, this storyline has not only caused great upheaval but also destroyed the foundation of the storyline.

As a result, don’t be surprised if you are curious about the One Piece chapter 1050 spoiler. As a prediction, we will give you everything you need to know about the One Piece chapter 1050 spoiler.

Episode titles are usually released three days before release, and there are usually leaks from the official platforms that distribute One Piece. However, there is still no definitive leak, based on what we currently know.

Although the plot is unknown at this time, we can conclude from the last chapter, 1049.

Chapter 1049, according to, will show us where Luffy and Kaido fought in the final battle in Wano’s sky.

Only one can emerge from above with Luffy battling Gomu Gomu no Bajrang and Kaido using Flame Bagua, and it will be interesting to see if it’s the man carrying Wano on his back or the Yonko.

As a prediction, according to One Piece chapter 1050 spoilers, fans can expect to watch Luffy and Kaido fight to the end.

Because One Piece Chapter 1049 only describes Momonosuke’s efforts to save Onigashima.

Haki is the Key to the Topic in One Piece Chapter 1050

In chapter One Piece 1047 we are reminded again, Kaido once said the importance of Haki. According to Kaido a great devil fruit will only bring someone

so far, increasing their Haki and developing to the best level is
the only way for them to truly rise to the pinnacle of the era.

Meanwhile, in One Piece chapter 1048 fans were reminded of Luffy’s time that Hyougoro had taught at Prinsoners Mine in the Udon area about the Ryuo concept.

Because of that Luffy can channel all his Haki into Kaido’s body which damages internally not even touching him.

By looking at the previous chapters, the prediction of the possibility of One Piece 1050 chapter fans being able to see Luffy’s Haki test.

It’s also very likely that we can see the big development of the Luffy vs Kaido battle towards the final.

When it’s most likely that Kaido loses, there will be a way for a flashback and the post-war plot begins.

Therefore, the Wano Arc episode has reached its end and Luffy and his pirate crew will continue their journey.


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