“Love this cover, Bella’s voice is getting better now..” – netizens

Video Nabila Razali sings the song La Tradda, which won the praise of fans. Wow, Bella’s singing is getting better, totally different than it was before!!

Nabila Razali once received a slap when she was criticized by fans for a traumatic accident while singing He lives before that. However, the second chance consultant did not give up and continued to improve the quality of his singing.

Looking at Nabila Razali’s Instagram account, a video has been uploaded showing Nabila singing a popular song that is whistled by many nowadays, Tak Engin Say, the original song of Kissa Levronka.

Accompanied by a guitar by a young man named Anwar Amza, this time Nabila’s voice attracted the attention of many fans. Nabila’s voice is now very different from before and fans praise her for her singing.

Much appreciated, Nabila’s vocals received many positive comments from fans. Nabila’s voice is so melodious and crackling that fans repeat the video over and over because they love Nabila’s singing.

Let’s watch the video below:

Not only fans, Nabila’s vocals attracted the attention of fellow performers. Among their comments:

Melt1ng, this is Nabila Razali.

“Wow, the best thing is my heart goes out to Bella when she sings this song. Admire your voice. Lots of improvements from before, it’s the best..”

“Wow, Bella’s cover for this song is so delicious, Bella’s voice is so sweet. Good job Bella, I want a full cover please, the sound is so good..”

“It’s very touching, just listen to it. I want Bella to make songs like this.. It suits Bella..”

“Hey that’s delicious, the sound melts to listen. Love this cover, Bella’s voice is better now..”

Ad0h dengar sampai terjat0h, merdunya suara Bella. Your voice is noble magic. We would love to hear more covers, please post many more..”

Where.. where.. where is this hateful voice? I haven’t even heard of it, that’s delicious, so delicious. This one is awesome, sump4h is delicious..”

This is the song that Nabila fans have been waiting for, it is indeed a treat for the ears. Mai Nabila continues to shine with her talent and succeeds in the field of singing in the future.

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Source: IG Nabila Razali

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