Love After One-night Stand with CEO chapter 135 by desirenovel

Love After One-night Stand with CEO chapter 135 by desirenovel

Henry, You’re Too Shameless!

“Henry… Stop it!”

Rosa stopped him with both hands as she frowned and pleaded.

“I’m not doing anything.” He leaned close to her ear and said. His breath tickled her ears.

Rosa hurriedly climbed forward and hid under the quilt.

The next second, she glared at him.

This man was too frivolous.

She was about to fall asleep from his massage.

However, his hands started fooling around.

“I’m skilled!” He said in a husky voice.

Rosa bit her lip as she pondered on the meaning of his words.

Her face darkened in an instant.

“How… How do you know that? You massaged other people before?!”

Henry chuckled and leaned forward. Then he said seductively, “Let me massage you, and I’ll tell you, hm?”

Rosa gulped and raised her eyebrows as she stammered, “No, there’s no need to. I don’t want to know!”

The man’s lips were inches away from her skin as he chuckled. “Rosa, what did I do wrong? Why are you so against my touch?”

It was not the first time that they were intimate with each other.

But she was still as repulsive as she was at the beginning.

Rosa’s body shrank, and she was a little scared.

But he couldn’t blame her at all.

After all, this man was a beast.

“What are you thinking of?” Someone was clueless about her thoughts and raised her chin to ask.

Of course, if that certain someone had known about this…

He definitely would’ve been on cloud nine.

“I… I was thinking… I have classes tomorrow. So I have to go to bed early!” She shrank into the quilt to cover herself.

“Yes, you do need to rest early!” He lifted the quilt and immediately lay beside her.

Rosa was shocked. She quickly lifted the quilt and wrapped it around her body.

There was no quilt left for him.

He looked at his petite wife who was glaring at him defensively on the bed. He felt helpless.

“Rosa, I’m your husband, not a beast!”

He had to remind her of this fact.

The corner of Rosa’s mouth twitched as she said, “I… I know. I… I think it’s too crowded for two people to share a quilt. Why don’t we sleep on separate beds?”

Feeling helpless, he grabbed her blanket and yanked it towards him.

The sudden pull made Rosa fall onto him.

He chuckled as he held her in his arms. “There are no more extra quilts. Or, you can take Miranda’s quilt. But… I think you wouldn’t want to leave her in the cold, right?”

Rosa bit her lip. Of course, she wouldn’t want that.

“Then let’s sleep without doing anything. Okay?” Her voice was so soft, only he could hear it.

“Okay! But…”

“But what?”

have to

Rosa’s mind started racing.

One kiss, one second.

That should be fine!

hooked her arms around his neck,

knocked on the

man frowned and asked unhappily,

with the heater in my room?

complained through

there be a

right. Why wouldn’t the heater work? Ah, whatever, I’ll

It was finally quiet.

asked, “Is there something wrong

in such an

it not possible? Expensive

any problem. Come on, kiss

like a child who was

and felt a little

her arms around his neck and


“Thump, thump, thump!”

deeper and

“Who is it?”

anger in

quiet for a

only helper in our house? I’m hungry, and I want supper. But she seems to

you eating supper in the middle of the

boiling as he stood on the opposite

ordering takeout. How about… my aunt make some noodles

was about to get

colder as he said, “Get

Miranda pouted and left.

hurriedly, “She probably didn’t eat much

not talk about her. Come on,

he was angry, so she took the

to calm him

when she moved away,

you really just… going to

voice sounded


threw the quilt onto the ground in

get you some

lowered her legs from


He was very proud.

had found such a precious

petite wife was

glass of water and handed

want some?”

can have it. I’ll

down the cup of water without

placed the cup next

cup for myself and put it back in place.” Rosa stood up and

but chuckle

her hand and pulled her

he lowered his head to kiss

stunned. He was feeding

Henry let go of her. His lips

of arrogance that

on the verge of

this man able to take advantage of her every chance he

“If you’re not saying anything, that means you’re not thirsty. Since you’re not thirsty…”

“Thump, thump, thump!” Someone knocked on the door again.

The man froze.

“Get lost!”

“Tap tap tap” Sounds of running came from the door.

Rosa bit her lip and was worried about Miranda.

“Calm down, calm down…”

She hurried forward to comfort him.

Miranda kept interrupting them.

He finally calmed down from his anger.

“Honey… don’t be angry. Miranda is still young…”

He squinted his eyes and sneered. “Young? You’re the same age as her!”

The corner of Rosa’s lips started twitching. “I… I’m more mature than her. As you know, children without parents grow up faster. Miranda had been taken care of since she was a child. Of course, you can’t compare her to me. Moreover, she must be extremely hungry. Otherwise, she wouldn’t keep disturbing us.

Henry was upset. The next second, he picked up the phone next to him.

“What are you doing?” She seemed to have understood his thoughts and hurriedly asked.

“Getting her driver to pick her up!”

This girl wanted to kill his happiness!

“No, it’s already so late… If there’s anything, let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Henry was silent, yet he still looked upset.

In order to protect her best friend, she decided to make a bold sacrifice.

She leaned forward and held his face, taking the initiative to kiss him.

Someone was naturally happy to see her throwing herself at him.

As the kiss grew deeper, Henry smiled and said, “I think Miranda could stay here. After all, I’m her uncle and she’s your best friend. It’s nice to spend time together…”

Rosa almost fainted.

He was too shameless.

“Ring ring ring” Henry’s phone started ringing all of a sudden.

Rosa quickly held his chest and chuckled, “Go answer the phone.”

He frowned and was clearly holding back. “How can I answer the phone in this state?”

“But your phone keeps ringing.”

“I’ll pick it up after we’re done.”

However, the phone continued ringing like a curse.

For a couple who was being intimate, it was particularly torturing.

Henry grunted in annoyance, furious as he said, “If I find out who’s calling, I will tear them apart!”

Seeing him holding back, she chuckled under the blankets.

Henry picked up his phone and looked at it. He frowned.

It was from Asher.

“What? She’s in the hospital?” Henry frowned and narrowed his eyes. It was obvious that he was evaluating the truth of this sentence.

“Yeah, She’s in the hospital. Hurry and come. Dad is already on his way.”

Henry frowned. Although he was dissatisfied, he still nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll be right there.”

“Yeah, hurry up. Don’t bring Rosa here, or else mother will faint again!” Asher quickly told him.

Hearing this, his eyes darkened and smiled lightly as he said, “She’s my wife, not an outsider!”

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