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Long Investment, Minister of Social Affairs and Deputy Chairperson of the People’s Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia Change Cloudy Water to Ready-to-Drink Water

Serang, (DOC) – Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos) Tri Rismaharini took a long-term investment step by turning cloudy water into ready-to-drink water. This was done by the Minister of Social Affairs Risma together with the Deputy Chair of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly, Yandri Susanto, when they inaugurated clean water installation facilities in seven sub-districts in Serang Regency, Banten.

“Water has a very big impact, the impact is long. In short, yes diarrhea. In the long term, if it (drinking water) contains lead, the child may develop Down syndrome. You won’t get cancer yet, if the water contains pesticides and so on,” said Social Minister Risma in Kasemen District, Serang, Tuesday (4/10/2022).

Social Minister Risma said that the water problem cannot be underestimated. Clean water, said Risma, is something that has a huge impact on not only the health of adults, but also the growth of children.

“Actually, this is a local solution that we can solve for the community because it has a big impact. The health impact, then the impact on children, especially on children’s growth and so on, to increase welfare,” he said.

According to him, something as simple as turning cloudy water into clean and ready-to-drink water, which he did, became important to be handled first.

“So, this is very urgent, in my opinion. That’s why I prioritize if there are water complaints in the community, I try to handle them first,” he said.

The clean water program in Serang Regency, which was built in a period of four months with a budget of Rp 3.1 billion. It is expected to improve the health and welfare of the surrounding community.

Social Minister Risma admitted that her steps were to facilitate the installation of clean water in seven sub-districts in Serang Regency. It cannot be separated from the proposal submitted by the Deputy Chairman of the MPR RI, Yandri Susanto.

“Actually, this is Mr. Yandri’s suggestion. At that time, I told him about how the water was in Papua, but his response was, “Ooh, there’s a lot of that in Serang. Poor them ma’am. Drink from cloudy water,” explained Risma, looking back at the beginning of the clean water installation initiative for the community in Serang Regency.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the MPR RI Yandri Susanto, on the same occasion, expressed his appreciation for the Ministry of Social’s responsiveness to the proposal submitted to Social Minister Risma some time ago and was well arrested.

“I appreciate the extraordinary breakthrough from the Ministry of Social Affairs to bring services closer to the community in answering water-related problems,” he admitted.

Furthermore, through the approach taken by the Ministry of Social Affairs. He hopes that it can become a service pattern that is applied by the government to the problems of the nation’s children.

“The Minister of Social Affairs has set an example, being able to provide the best service. It was cloudy water that couldn’t be used. Now it can be drunk and used for daily purposes. Hopefully this can be a pattern of government service to the problems of the nation’s children,” he said firmly.

Previously, people in seven sub-districts in Serang Regency used water sources from swamps and murky boreholes for their daily needs. Starting from bathing, cooking, to drinking. With the clean water installation facility, water that was originally cloudy turns clear, and is ready to be consumed without the need to cook again.

Meanwhile, the community empowerment program for clean water which was inaugurated by the Minister of Social Affairs Risma today, targets seven sub-districts in Serang Regency. The seven sub-districts in question are Kasemen District, Pontang District, Lebak Wangi District, Panara District, Tirtayasa District, Kragilan District, and Pamayaran District.


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